Sunday, April 29, 2007

Xia is willing to start some kinda business here. She wants to bring chinese clothes here and sell them. She has already sold quite a good number of clothes to Sakari, his friends and thier girlfriends!

Probably she always see me taking pics, so asked me if I can take pics for her with chinese dress, so that she can post them on her web as a marketing step !

I took a total of 78 pics, out of which we finally chose 18 !

here they are

Xia's modeling

I used Xia's camera Nikon coolpix S2.. just a point-and-shoot camera!!
Sakari was a helpful editor in the end !
Xia came up as a good model !

I am looking forward to getting opportunities to take pics of some bangladeshi girl!
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  • At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Jalal

    Resolution of the camera is good. Why dont she try to sell camera too?

  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Come on! Comment on the shots, or model ! Not the resolution of the camera :@

    Grrrr ! Grrr !

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Just a video I wanted to share

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The first ever bike accident happened in oulu!
I was biking and then I braked and the brake wire tore off
It didnt hurt me at all..

Today I was biking around Linnanmaa, just to check what's going on near by and to enjoy the beatiful sun set (at 9 PM )!!

I was biking, then something told me something is wrong. I grabbed the brake.. slowed down the bike and hoopps !! Something dragged my right foot backwards suddenly and I lost balance and I fell with the bike ! I fell on the roadside grass !!

I tried to stand up quickly! Something dragged my right feet again and I fell again !!
What the hell ??

I was a little panicing ! Something was holding my feet and I couldnt stand up coz I fell in weired position. Finally I figured out what happend !

My shoe lace got tangled with the paddle !!!!!

Look ! It is quite tightly stuck there !!

Finally I managed to stand up, but still stuck with the bike paddle !!

Dont worry !
I m fine!
Just a little pain in the knee !

Interesting, as soon as the accident happened, the first thing I thought ..Damn no one can take picture of his own accident actually !! haha

And another good thing is there was no people there to embarrass me :D
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Friday, April 27, 2007

Damn it !
I mean damn damn damn it !!

Looks like i m not getting my camera today!
Forget today !
I m not even sure now if I am getting it next week !!

DHL tracking says it is stuck in Brussels ... Shipment on hold !

on hold ?? Customs??
Well then why the hell I paid so much for express service ? If I had wanted it next week, I could have paid normal post fee !!

One piece of advice, before paying for express service, think thrice !
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Preparation : Step 1 : Go to Tiimari - the gift shop

Full of people looking for stuffs

Full of stuffs

Step 2: Try as many things as you can

Euu ! Hairs coming out from ears !!

Piggy pinky !

"Horny" ;)

My pet monkey

One of the most common hats - Football hat

Something !!

A huuuuuge glass

Step 3 : buy the things that you like most, come home and give a trial
Arrrrrrrrrr ! Arrr ! I m the pirate in jeans!!

Come on ! Take a closer look !!

But who's this guy ? "Lutfar Rahman Riton from Bangladesh" answered my friend Eamon

I had an ear ring too

Step 4: Wait for jumping into the crowd

I m waiting

See also:

Wappu - Episode 1 - The Expectation
Wappu - Finald Episode - The Showdown
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  • At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Tuomas

    Although Police may catch you, at least you look so authentic with the skin tone


Thursday, April 26, 2007
oh!I almost forgot to tell you that my boxing ( well, actually fitness boxing) training is over ! It was over last monday !

It was really fun ! You can punch as hard as you can ,
If you are depressed or tired, it will surely cheer you up,
after all how often do you get chance to beat something as hardly as u can ;)

There was not much opportunity to take pics, yet I tried to take some quick shots !
Here they are !!
Dhap ! Dhap ! Shup punching !!

The really really cool instructor girl, in complete black dress, is changing the CD track !

Well that's me trying to take some quick pics before the trainging starts!!

Things that I have learnt
  • A girl appears to be really really cool when she knows boxing !
  • Some good techniques to strech the whole body ( now a days I apply those immediately after I wake up )
  • How to place your legs better so that you can punch harder
  • How to start the week ( Monday ) with fresh fun-ful exercise as fitness boxing
  • Finally how to take a "mood" by telling people "You know what! I m going for boxing training tonight" and enjoy their look !!
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Readers not from Bangladesh please igonre this post !:)

And no offenese to Noakhali ppl, but it sounded kinda funny to me !

It just sounded funny ! Even I dont know why. May be the combination of Noakhali and web and dot com :D

Anyways, good effort from them making an online newspaper :)
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Damn it !!

Still no sign of camera.
DHL has not got my package in their tracking system yet ! :@
Argh !!

If I dont get it tomorrow, I wont get it before weekend ends! Arg ! Argh !!

Thursday !
April 26, 07, 11:44 ( Finn time)
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Have you noticed that, in the new msn messenger, display picture is consistent ??

Before I ( and I think we ) had a problem with that. If I logged in at office, the display picture was different than that I had at home ! Because the messenger used local copy of the picture!

Now, if I change the display picture at home, it will be the same no matter where I log in !!

Good that msn messenger is learning to be better :)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Look At me

Well, take a closer look..No, sakari with the black jacket is not looking at me actually ! It's his mirror image who is looking straight at me, haha ! You can also see his actual shoulder in the image ( left bottom)

Well I kinda liked this picture very much ( Taken in the lift) !
What do you think ?
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Yes, it is me !! Just checking how it looks with a hair band !
( hey! I have no idea why my cheeck is like that !! No ! I didnt have any candy in my mouth)
Me again

Me, me , me !

For comparison.. me in July 2006 and now
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  • At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Shupantha

    Koi shei Gogon ar koi ekhon-er Gogon... Ekhon she cycle chalae, calorie hishab kore, boxing pare, volley ball khele, raanna pare ettu attu, majhe modhdhe amar upor ektu matabborio korar cheshta kore, naah, chele boro hoe gese... Ki ar korar, some times you just have to accept the facts... "Motu to motui, khali khae ar ghumae" shob shomoe tai boltaam, ekhon ar kotha ta pura puri applicable naa!!! Kintu tarporo, "Motu to motui" amar kase shara jinbon-ee motu thaika jabe!!!

  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger Gagan

    First of all my name is Gagan, not Gogon !

    Then I m not motu, I can agree with "khai ar gumai" coz I'm Garfield and 'sleeping is my favorite sport' ! But not "motu" !

    :@ Grr Grr !!


It is sooo hard to wait !!
Every single second I am waiting !
When ? When ? When?

I m refreshing my tracking website almost every 5 mintutes !!
Still stuck in prepartaion step !!

I paid almost double so that I can get the package within 24-48 hours ( DHL) !
Or I will be stuck at the weekend holiday trap :@

But pixmania has not shipped it yet!

Well the good thing is the validation step was fast, last time it took almost one week !!

Uf ! Uf !
Please give it to DHL today , so that I can get my camera before friday !! please ! please !

Wednesday, 25 April , 2007
15:48 ( Finn time)
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  • At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    WOOOOOWWWW! Great!! So we gonna get more cool & awesome pictures soon. In fact, I became fan of ur blogsite 4 these wonderful pictures. Ur present mobile phone cam was alright though, perfectionist like u need really something more!! Blv me, I m not flattering! But careful! Dont lose ur jeans pant this time!!! Hehe ... ...

  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger Gagan

    But yet I m flattered !! Thaaaaaaaaaaank you :$ for saying straightly whatever you wanted to say:)

    And hey, I guess you forgot to mention who you are !!

Those who have been staying in touch with me, know I had bought my first camera few months before and within 27 days it had vanished from my back pack !

Well, I guess I love cameras too much ! And I love taking pictures !
It has become almost an obsession !
Whenever I go online I check camera reviews..
Whenever I sleep, I start thinking of camera !!

So I decided to give myself another camera !
More expensive than the last one !
But this time, not for playing with aperture / exposure, this time no manual control..
this time, it is to ensure I frame almost everything I want to !

It's an ultra compact camera. I will never put it in any bag I guess, It will be 24/7 in my jeans pocket. Coz I dont want to miss anything ! I dont want to spend a few seconds for dragging a camera out of its bag..
I want a companion that will be all the time with me and durable and ready to shoot in a second ! Whereever I go.. including toilet, my friends' home, office, bus ..everywhere !!

So I ordered Sony CyberShot DSC T10 Black with 1 GB memory ( and no bag )

I know this camera has a bad side .. red eye ! Even though it says it has a red eye reduction system, but from user reviews I already know it's not functional at all ! But I had to choose it coz it has other things that I wanted and could not find in other cameras !

I wanted an image stabilization system, in this camera, should be better than most other ultra compact ones !

It has a cover for the lens, so i can forget about the camera when it is in my pocket.
And the zoom lens is 'folded'. This was one of the most important parameters for me. So I had to leave most other cannon cameras, coz in those, the zoom lens pops out when needed. I wonder if it is in my pocket and somehow the power button is pressed, then what will happen to the lens when it will try to pop out (ups ! )

T10 has a very good shutter lag, quite fast. For those who want to buy camera, you might be interested to check this chart

It should work good in low light condition.

Even though I could buy an ultra zoom ( 12x ) camera with this price, I wanted a completely pockatable camera ! So wish me good luck people :)

This is so far the largest amount of money I have spent for myself ! So I want it good ! It has to be good :'(

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  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Jalal

    Click! a flash light!
    for moments few, blocks ur sight
    Track ur moments, grab it tight
    For tommorow, u save the right

    isnt that we do though the tiny box with holes and light?

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Gagan

    hehe ! Funny !
    But I dont particularly like using flash :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Wappu.. or Vappu..
The word I have been hearing all day now-a-days !!
People are getting ready for it !
The whole nation is getting ready for it !
I am ready for it too !!

Here is the full wappu schedule I collected ( Translated by Tuomas). I have marked some text in red which seemed more interesting
Wappu 2007

Thu 26.4.

Waterbus schedule 13-24 (Waterbus in numbered as 69 ( hehe) ! Everything is allowed in the bus, at least that's what I have heard. You can drink, puke, get naked, or whatever crazy things you want to do, except bothering the driver !! The bus has sound system too !! And the driver can drive wherever he feels like :D)

12:00 Churchboat rowings at Tuira beach
12:30 Wappukyykkä at Tuira beach
21:00 Parties in Foxia, Kotiteollisuus is the band of the evening

Fri 27.4.

Afternoon at Engineers house
- Sun bath and beer
- 15:00 Summer otympic (engineer student olympics)
- 19:30 Winners of summer otympic, local prank competition and first year student prank competition will be revealed.
- 20:00 Band of the evening: The Frantic Motion, tickets 2e.

Sat 28.4.

Waterbus schedule 17-24
13:00 Home town short (the bar tour) starts from Linnanmaa. Tickets 5e. ( I have heard its like go to small pubs, grab a glass of bear, drink it and run to the next bar and do the same again)

17:00 Engineer students singing choir is performing at restaurant Toivo. Free entrance, song list 1e
18:00 Humusfest behind the main library of the university (basically picnic)
21:00 Ööpisgaala in 45 Special (the reveal of architecht students wappu magazine)

Sun 29.4. Waatonaatto

Waterbus schedule 13-24
The Market place klo 10-22:
- Different kind of 'events' starting klo 10
- Competition for first year students
- Beer relay competition
- Tug-of-war competition
- Wappudance where is playing engineer students orchestra starts at 18
- klo 21:00 Waatonaaton parties in Radisson Sas
- Evenings artist: Even Boyz, tickets 5/6e.
- Studentguilds leaders Drag Queen/King -competition
klo 22:00 Different kind of 'events' will stop

Mon 30.4. Waatto

11:45 Winners of 'different kind of "events"' are reveald in Rauhala (the psoas office building)
11:50 Propagation of EngineerWappu at the same place
12:00 Putting engineer cap on Franzen-figure and Wappuparade
14:00 First year students will swim in the park right next to PSOAS office.
21:00 Parties in Radisson Sas, tickets 8/10e
- Artist: Overtone
- Dancing with an idiot - competition

Tue 1.5. Wappupäivä

03:33.33 Ashematunnelin Örinät (Studetns will be in the tunnel near trainstation, late deep night, and at exactly 03:33:33 everyone will be shouting loud, yes, as loudly as possible)
04:00 First year students will get their engineer student caps near the PSOAS office
05:00 Reincarnation of first year students
05:00 Breakfest near PSOAS-office (free)
09:00 Shamppanjamatiee at Linnansaari (one of those islands near main library)
11:00 Some mixed choir, don't know..
14:00 Engineer students orhcestra playing at Rotuaari
18:00 First year students will burn their first year student caps at Engineer house.

It will leave xx:00 from Linnanmaa/City centre (e.g. 12:00 from Linnanmaa, 13:00 from city centre, 14:00 from Linnanmaa etc.)
One cruising costs 2e/h all money will be given to Unicef.

Tickets are sold for Wappu parties at university:
- Green 'closet' Wed-Thu 18.-19.4. ja Mon-Wed 23.-25.4. klo 11-14

If you buy tickets from the party place, they will cost 1-2e extra.

For otympics you can't buy tickets beforehand.

Here are some pics I have collected from internet !

The famous bus 69 !

Something stupid

Wappu hats !! ( I m thinking to check the shops today to see what hats are available !!)

Fun in water with water

And the best part of all, the festive mode ! It's absolutely fun for me just to be in a crowd of festival !

Yes, A lot of expectation, coz I have heard a lot !
Now lets see what I can see :)


(oh by the way, the idea of wappu is rooted at the May day, 1st of May and this is the day the first year enginering students get their hats )

See also:
Wappu - Episode 2 - The Preparation

Wappu - Finald Episode - The Showdown
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Monday, April 23, 2007
(Another very late post)

We started to Koitelinkoski, a place where there should be a river straem !
Akseli is driving his car, taking me, Sakari and Xia

It took only around 20 minutes ! Checking the map .

There were nice places for grilling !
Well, you can see it was all icy. The temparature was +3/4 I guess. So it was full of slush !
My first thought was .. "Damn, we should not have come here now! All ice !!"

I was wrong ! I have never seen such an icy stream ! I was glad that I got an opportunity to watch it !
It was beautiful from a wooden bridge!!

"OMG !!! blooood !!"
( Sakari staring at some red minerals floating in the water)

We left the bridge and kept walking. We had be really careful so that we dont take a wrong step and find ourselves in the strong stream.

It was sooo beautiful :')
Check the sky !!

I was trying to take a picture of myself there !!

Closer look at the stong stream ! The stream was really strong.Akseli was sure no one is strong enough to swim there!

Then we went to another bridge, beside a wonderful old tree !

Safety note: Keep at least 2 meter distance between two persons !
( But me and sakari liked the idea of shaking of it and danced synchrozniedly :D)

I tried to take another pic of myself !! Looks like I managed to put myself in the frame !

This cottage is available for Rent !! Spend the days beside the stream !Hm !! Quite romantic if tourists are not allowed once you rent the cottage !!

First Xia , then Sakari and then I became hungry ! I had only one chocholate bar in my back pack !! So who's gonna eat that ? I said, lets play a game, winner will win the chochlate bar !!

The chochlate will be put in the center of the table and there will be an ampire!
On count 3 , who ever is first to snatch it away wins the round !

in the first fight, I won against Sakari ( Even though he was claiming it was unfair as the chochlate was not in the exact center !!!)

A fast shot where xia is losing the game agains Akseli !!
Check how slow Xia is or how fast Akseli is !!
Akseli is taking the bar back to him, while Xia has not even reached the table yet !!

What an action shot !! ( I love my shooting ) !!
The very moment where Sakari beat Akseli !
Look at Sakari's face !! Strange !!
He was looking at the opponent while grabbing it, not at the chochlate bar !!!!!

Well, as Sakari claimed I cheated, So i challanged lets play again.
And I lost :(

But we four divided the chochlate bar into four small pieces and ate them and
as u have guessed, it just increased our hunger :D

We could stay there longer, but our hunger forced us to come back home !!


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