Monday, February 23, 2009
Greetings on mother language day! A bit late, coz I was quite much busy to 'prepare' for it :)

Well, here is the great news! On 21st February 2009, BanglaSMS has been released as open source!

Hope you enjoy sending SMS in Bangla and if you like to do a bit of coding, you can surely contribute to the source code or get the source for the fun of it.

You will find all the information you need from

Oh, by the way, I have been contributing to the source codes, that's what kept me so busy last few weeks (and away from blogging as well :P)

And Omor Ekusher shuveccha!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009
For the people who live in the South, like people in Bangladesh, I guess it's pretty hard to imagine to drive OVER A SEA..frozen sea...I remember the first time I saw a frozen sea! It was awesome.

Few days ago was Shanila's first time over the frozen sea. Great many thanks to Akseli and Sakari who toke us there with their cars. Our plan was to go to an island using the ferry and then come back using the 'ice road'.

We started at around 6:30 pm... Icy frozen around

Clear sky and -25 degree celcius!

At some point we seemed to drive out of city lights

The ferry was just right there... excellent timing.
Ours was the only car on the ferry !

Then ferry started moving through the frozen sea....
It's really dark all around... too dark for the camera to get any better pic.

I could pretty easily imagine how it would feel like to go to north pole aboard a ice breaker!
(even though the ferry was not an ice breaker)

I was excited enough to drag Shanila on the upper deck corridor...
Fweh that was freakingly shiverring cold !!

The corridor felt like the coldest we have ever felt !!

We went to the Island and found that ice road was not strong enough to drive on :(
Bad luck... so we had to wait 1 hour until the ferry comes back!

We stopped in a dark place to enjoy the stars!!
There were so many !!

Here we are except me!!

It was an excellent and frozen night at below -25degree.

Thank you guys :)

Oh I have little video too, but unfortunately it was too dark for my camera to get a better video.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Who hasnot heard of Chernobyl ? At least the virus named after it served it job, to make people remember the name. But i believe most do not know much details, except a nuclear plant disaster.

 Did you know 20 years have past after that disaster and yet the area is uninhabitable ?? And the procetion sheild that was created after a hell of enginnering challenge, is not enough now? And by 2012 it is planned to have another shield , which will be the largest movable construct ever built?

General Nikolai Tarakanov said, he had put the armi larger than Nepolean had, except his was contaminated. I don't know how much truth has been finally reveiled after over 20 years, but at least here is an entire documentary about it.

May be you should watch it for the sake of knowing the costliest disaster of modern history!


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Friday, February 13, 2009
People in Oulu city surely cares about environment a lot. Proof ?
It seems to have some 'third-generation' biorefinery, that processes leaves and grass into biofuels and pulp!

Claim by one news "City has World's Most Advanced 'Biorefinery'"

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  • At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Jalal

    Bangalir moto khaite na paile dekhta sob thik hoi jaito :P

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Oh, short post!
Probably you didnt know I had actually another blog... where I try to post news (mostly tech) that interests me! You might be interested to check that out too!

Link is added in the links section of this blog too!

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