Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Those who have been staying in touch with me, know I had bought my first camera few months before and within 27 days it had vanished from my back pack !

Well, I guess I love cameras too much ! And I love taking pictures !
It has become almost an obsession !
Whenever I go online I check camera reviews..
Whenever I sleep, I start thinking of camera !!

So I decided to give myself another camera !
More expensive than the last one !
But this time, not for playing with aperture / exposure, this time no manual control..
this time, it is to ensure I frame almost everything I want to !

It's an ultra compact camera. I will never put it in any bag I guess, It will be 24/7 in my jeans pocket. Coz I dont want to miss anything ! I dont want to spend a few seconds for dragging a camera out of its bag..
I want a companion that will be all the time with me and durable and ready to shoot in a second ! Whereever I go.. including toilet, my friends' home, office, bus ..everywhere !!

So I ordered Sony CyberShot DSC T10 Black with 1 GB memory ( and no bag )

I know this camera has a bad side .. red eye ! Even though it says it has a red eye reduction system, but from user reviews I already know it's not functional at all ! But I had to choose it coz it has other things that I wanted and could not find in other cameras !

I wanted an image stabilization system, in this camera, should be better than most other ultra compact ones !

It has a cover for the lens, so i can forget about the camera when it is in my pocket.
And the zoom lens is 'folded'. This was one of the most important parameters for me. So I had to leave most other cannon cameras, coz in those, the zoom lens pops out when needed. I wonder if it is in my pocket and somehow the power button is pressed, then what will happen to the lens when it will try to pop out (ups ! )

T10 has a very good shutter lag, quite fast. For those who want to buy camera, you might be interested to check this chart

It should work good in low light condition.

Even though I could buy an ultra zoom ( 12x ) camera with this price, I wanted a completely pockatable camera ! So wish me good luck people :)

This is so far the largest amount of money I have spent for myself ! So I want it good ! It has to be good :'(

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  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Jalal

    Click! a flash light!
    for moments few, blocks ur sight
    Track ur moments, grab it tight
    For tommorow, u save the right

    isnt that we do though the tiny box with holes and light?

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Gagan

    hehe ! Funny !
    But I dont particularly like using flash :)