Sunday, August 27, 2006
I m at I.G.I ( Indira Gandhi Airport). Right now its 3:40 local time, hmm!! Next flight is at 14.00.
The best thing is they will give me breakfast at 0700..good good!!

Now I am about to tell you abt the experience that i had in the last 72 hours, Interestingly my journey back home is more evenful than I anticipated.

I started before the daily life stated at Oulu, at 5:55; took the bus to station. The train journey was quite pleasant.. I was reading a bangla Novel, that I brought 4 months before to read for this journey..planned a long time ahead:)

Buttonless Pant
The train trip to helsinki was about to be un-"EVENT"ful.. but it was not. The train was about to stop at the destination. Only 7 mins left. Then I thought why dont I clear my bludder? At Helsinki station they will charge you one euro to allow you to pee. So I walked to the toilet to save one euro!

I got into one nice toilet. Smiled at me on the mirror. Started to unbuckle my belt... Then I heard something fell off my pocket!. Ops. What could it be? It surely didnt sound like a coin. I looked down, and to my panic I found my pants button is missing. I m still ( right now) without any button. Hope the chain and the belt will together save my "Honour".

Special Luggage
I was at helsinki airport just sitting on a sofa. I was waiting to hear the call for check in for SU204. I have noticed some kiosks saying " Self checkin". In front of one of these, some old, very old ladies were barking at their husbands or boyfriends ( older than they, i guess).. probably they were confused at what button to press now. I didnt dare take risk.

When I got my boarding pass, the lady officer asked me, hmm !! Could u follow me with ur luggage, this way !! Ops ?? why on earth? Anyway, I was not worried, Finland is a place where u dont really need to be worried much...

She took me to another belt where it was written, "Special luggage".. I wondered, "hey, why mine is speical", She smiled " It is ...bye".. I saw my beloved luggage going away over the belt.. Luggage, Hope I will meet you again after your special treatment.

Ghosty moscow again
Plane landed at moscow. I was not happy at all. WHo knows.. what Moscow has written to me this time. I got down following the crowd. i was walking and rememebered this was the same corridor I had been last time. I remembered after next turn it will be transfer desk..I turned right .. and ya.. The signboard clearly said "Transfer, International". But the room was dark, only blue signboard, but no sign of human being. Ops !!

I stood there for a couple of seconds, blank. Others passed my in a hurry and went downstairs. I knew whats downstair..Passport kiosks.. to get out of airport.. surely not my place. yet what can I do? I went down too.. I was the last one in the queue.

finally,when everyone is gone, and I took a deep breath and passed my passport and ticket through the window. I said, "Actually i m a transfer passanger".The lady officer took my passport and examined, who knows what. Finally she figured out.. it was quite a fight for her to speak English, it seemed.. What I understood from her words and pointed hands, go upstairs..

I came up, in the hope someone must have come by now.

Nopp.. i was again alone in a dark room..
The transfer desk..
A plane has landed, and the transfer desk is empty? Is this any airport by any way?

I saw someone walking.. immediately ran
and said.."I m a transf...."
"You have to wait" and he vanished
Not again !!

Around 25 mins of hard sweating time, a lady ( why all officers were ladies, by the way??) came.. and asked me " are u?" I was really really really impressed by her friendly tone. Strange!! anyway, another officer came and gave me a seal and i went into the transfer lounge..where I stayed 21 hours!

sleeping in the airport
First I must say "Thank you!!" to Without this site I would have been surely in trouble. They told me to bring matterss.. I brought a bed-cover. Enough to lie on. I slept on the corridor. Thanks to the website they told me where to find place to sleep. otherwise I would be stuck on the metal chairs downstairs..aching my back.

I had kinda sleep in the airport.

Toilet paper
Again a biig thanks to They told me to bring own toilet paper, so did I. Thanks God I did. There had been toilet papers when I first went in the night. In the morning, someone probably forgot to put a new role or never bothered... there was no tiolet paper in any of the three tiolets.. But yah!! I had plenty with me :D

2 Slices of breads @ 8.5
At some point, i became sure I gotta eat someting, the 'pulla's and chochlates are too sweet to eat again and again. So I sat down in the nearest restuarant.. and I ate a sandwitch ( i would rather call it 2 slices of bread) and a coke at 8.5 euros..

Plane crash
While eating I turned my cell on, and got sms from sister. Opss !! A plane had just crashed in Russia. It was coming to St. Pitsberg. And ended with all of the 170 ppl with 40 Kids! I was taking my breakfast. U could imagine how well I finished eating.

Russian Gate flight at 5:10. I was looking for information..which gate should I go to now? I had the boading pass though, gate box was empty. The officer had said, It will be announced later. Fine!! I went to the biggest display board. It said SU535 ( mine) Gate 13, to Delhi at 5:10. I noticed just below this row, it was written AI ( Air India) 6535 Gate 14, to Delhi, at 510 . Hey !! There are two planes at the same time from the same airport to the same destination? How stupid both of those airlines can be? Or are they actually same flight? While wondering, I walked to Gate 13. There is was written Gate 13, AI6535. Ops!! Where is mine?

I thought for a while and started runnign to gate 14. May be they mistakenly swiched the gates. Nop!! Gate 14 has another flight to Toronto or somewhere. With bumpy heartbeat I went to the tranfer desk where I got the boarding pass. There was another display, saying both SU535 and AI 6535 are at Gate 13..

Anyway, It was at Gate 13. The biggest boards do not always contain the correct information.. I leared :)

Plane jam
Being born in Dhaka, Traffic jam is one of the most usual thing for me. But I saw a plane jam. One after 9 ( try to imagine 1..2..3...4...5....6..7...8...9 planes.. tales to head..
all waiting..ready to fly. but the runway was busy by the incoming planes.. We had been sitting aboard for 90 mins until the jam cleard :D

Surprise on board
It was my ninth flight in my life. And again to my great surprise, my next seat is empty!! How could it happen? In all the 9 flights, how could always my next seat be empty? It is always a great comfort to have a seat empty next to you... u can take extra space to eat, to try to sleep:)

Biggest surprise
Did I tell you how great my last 8 flights were? One was in the morning, one was in the afternoon, one was in middday, another in a stromy night also:) I saw the thunder flashing thorugh my window ( the best natural phenomenon I have ever seen in my life)..

So I was wondering what is left for me to see? Nothing.. i was lucky enough to see all the variances...

I was wrong..very wrong..

I saw a rainbow this time.. rainbow from the sky.. I saw it for just a sec or so.. I was shocked to see it.. it was like a kid's cartoon!! like a drawing..just one sec..but enuf.. dont know if anyone else had noticed that.

India transit
I came off the plane..IGI airport, India. I was looking for the sign "Transit"..and found. Walked to the door..The guard blocked !!

As he said, I need some officer with me to let me in !!

Where the hell is the officers?
Again, i followed other passenger to passport kiosks..There one officer told me..wait there..someone will come. hm!!???

Me and 3 more ppl were sitting there. 45 mins later one guy came and took our passport and tickets (!)
came back in 10 mins and came to the door where i failed to enter in.

Funny. the guard checked the officer for arms or something.. but not us :D

he told us to seat there.. and he will come back soon..dont move!!

He came with a very good news ( for me at least). He gave me a breakfast coupon !!


Im since then waiting here for 7 am.. it is 0436 now.. not many hours left for breakfast..not many left for getting back to Dhaka too :)

Hope it will not be "Eventful anymore"

Indira Gandi Airport.
Local Time 0437
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
I m home now..
Yes.. i m in my room..
My room..

Will post later..

Stay tuned.

Will go to sleep now.
I need a long rest.
( by the way, the journey was quite eventful)

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Monday, August 21, 2006
What on earth is wrong with Russia !!

I was lucky lukcy lucky lucky enough.
2 days ago, before I bought my train ticket to Helsinki I rechecked my Aeroflot plane ticket online ( it was as usual.. Next flight from Helsinki at August 22.

Today, I dont know why, may be God told me to, I checked my ticket status again...and what the hell?? 2 of my flights are missing.. only 1 flight, Biman.. from Delhi to Dhaka!!

I started sweating! I will start for Helsinki in less than 24 hours and now looks like I dont have any booking for the ticket !!!

I immediately searched for Aeroflot office number at Helsinki. Found one. N called there.. no one answered !!
I was really really sweating.

I started calling my sister, to ask her to call at my travel agent back in Bangladesh.
She didnot answer too. May be she was teaching in the class!!


It was horrbile moments! What could go wrong? I checked it just two days before.. how come it vanished in two days???

I finally called to Dhaka, my travel agent's office.
I asked for Mr. Faysal, he was my agent all these times.

They told me, sorry, he quit his job at 15 August!!

Nice!! Nice!!
I could almost hear the cruel smile of reality.
Problem never comes alone, he come with a gang! A big nasty gang !!

They gave me connection with another guy in the office.

He became surprised too.
He said the booking was cancelled because of lack of reconfirmation!!


I asked you before i came, should I reconfirm? No one said me to do so!!
Even ppl in office also told me, if I have the return date fixed and written, its not necessary.

Also bustard Aeroflot's ticket validity is only 4 months !

I eagerly asked, do something. I dont even have 24 hours.

They asked me a lot of information, like ticket number , flight number etc.
I didnt have the ticket with me.

But thanks God, I have a habit to be "ONLINE-frick" .. I saved that previous booking page in my gmail.

I told him what was the flight numbers etc etc...
and thanks god again, still there were seats available.

Finally i got it ready ( I GUESS)

I can see online my flights again.

Fweeeuuhh !!

God saved me again !!

I wonder what would happen to me if I went to helsinki without checking, and found that, my ticket was cancelled !!
Cant imagine the horror...

One piece of advice...

Never Russia ..
Never Aeroflot ..

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  • At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    everyone told u not 2 choose russia!!!but u choose it now u learn it the hard way!!hopefully u wont make the same mistake twice!!

  • At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Koisilaam na, to screw Russia from the very begining!!! Bhalo kotha koile to gae lage naa!!! Ekhon nijer guae nijei pahar thelli!!!


  • At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    even i said u it's a bad airport!
    and me's just 15 yrs old =D

Sunday, August 20, 2006
Great !!
I managed to rent my room for September.
I just sent an addvertisement to exchange list ( in the morning, and by the night made the deal !!
I got more than one reply!

Minette Zenker, from Denmark, will be living in my room for the next month, for 145 Euros only
Hope she will take a good care of it :)

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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Its 19 August 2006 15:50 Fin time...

I have started packing my stuff..
I hear music all around me....from the window..
music in my juice glass..
Music becomes sweeter everytime I put a shirt in the bag...

It's Home sweet home music !!
Ahh !!
Never heard it before so loudly !!

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Wht are u gonna have tomorrow at lunch?
Very tough decision... sometimes it is the hardest job of the day..
specially when i go to the super market fast food (or packet-food..whatever) section.

I wish someone could tell me which one SHOULD test good.

I wish spongebob were there to help me !! like in this episode ( episode:clams)

( N i liked the "aaaaaaaa" sound that the fish made during the first 3/4 secs of the video.. haha)

If you have probs to see the video,try download ( 300 KB only)

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
New rules:(
No laptop, no cell phone, no ipod !!!!
NO drink !!!

'Airlines terror plot' disrupted

A plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US and commit "mass murder on an unimaginable scale" has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.

It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled in hand luggage on to as many as 10 aircraft.

US airport

hmm :(
I dont wanna get stuck in moscow !!
Not again !!!!!

( Thanks to my 'Boro mami' to inform me about the events!! I really didnt know whats going on around the world)
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  • At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    plz be carefull!!!

  • At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Wish you a nice and safe journey back home - Boro mama.

  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Thank you Mama.. I need you wish, check my post with title "What on earth is wrong with Russia" please

The trees were clearly showing the sign for Autumn..Leaves are done with their jobs, saved enough energy for their mothers to survive the they are falling down to earth..
and Golden..
They are beautiful!!

Summer is over!!
Nights are really getting longer and
and darker..
the rate is unbelievably fast.
You will surely notice last night was darker than the night before that!!

Yesterday the rain has started.
The temparature has dropped down in a leap.
Its not sweaty warm anymore!

I love the rain!
The whole night I heard rain drop splashing on my window glass...
reminding me of my country..
giving me a falvour of relaxations I had back there during these rainy times..

Weather report on 17 August, 2006 07:42


24 hour >> high: 22.0°C low: 11.5°C

Dew point: 10.6°C
Humidity: 92%
Air pressure: 1002.6 hPa
Wind speed: 2.4 m/s (gusts: 5.1 m/s)
Wind dir: 112°
Precipitation: past hour: 0.0 mm
past 24 hours: 3.8 mm
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Someone has bought a domain just for this !!!:D

Can you guess what will come after some minutes? Click on the link ..
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  • At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    hey thats disgusting!!!

  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger Gagan

    U didnt mention ur name, but i know who u r:)

    Hey as far as i know u dont hv any way to hear sound in ur office!!

    if u have seen it without sound, u missed the 99.99% thing.

    It has become very popular in our office. When we are all stuck in a bug, Tuomas turn this on and we ( at least I ) try to "ahhahh" with it in a loud voice :D

    True!! Believe me!!

"A bus station is where a bus stops, a train station is where a train stops. On my desk I have a work station.. "

Heard from Tuomas
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Andrea from Korea: "ok..gotta go...catch dinner!!!
hope to catch you soon agaiN! and keep on writing yoru blog! very funny!!"

MSN messenger.15 Aug 06.


Thanks for the is one funny video for u !!
try this when u r too bored :D

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Saturday, August 12, 2006
I cannt really remember if I have ever given my dad.. my abbu any gift !!
Ya, may be I gave little things on some occations !!
But surely never like this !!

The situation is like this..
My sister gave a nice wrapped box to abbu!!
It was from me !!
Inside there was a book !
Even there is a wish written on the first page of the book!!
A wish written by me !! Signed by me !!

Ammu..abbu were quite surprised I m sure!!
I am still waiting for their response!! Havent heard yet about what happend!

Behind the scene:
I wrote a wish on a paper.
Scanned it.
Sent it to my sis.
She printed it out.
Bought a book and pasted the printout on the first page.
And gave it to abbu with enough excitement to make them surprised :D

Yap !! She deserves a lunch / a dinner from me :)
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  • At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anupom

    I am just wondering, what's the name of the book? Great use of information technology indeed! Atlast u r returning..

It would rather say, it was meaninglessly expensive for the company..
coz i cudnt even read the addvertisement before the I lost the plane!

We four ( me, Tuomas, Shup, Henry) were in the car.. Only I noticed the almost silent plane..
Even when i shouted..check that out !! yet it took a while for them to find that..

I wonder.. with the same cost 10/20 trucks could roam around the city streets and wont that be more 'Noticable' ???
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  • At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Try to read advertisement so that u dont have to lost............

  • At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Try to read advertisement so that u dont have to lost............


I was doing junk browse...
and i leaned back on the chair to relax a bit..
looked right side through my window..
and i missed one heart beat..

Damn !! Such a beautiful night is outside.
Did i see the moon so beautiful before?

(click on the image to enlarge)

A big round moon was hanging in the darkness... down to earth..
It was over the lake..
I could clearly see the silvery reflection on the water of the lake..
on the calm, cold water !!
The refleciton was soo vivid..

I came closer to the window...
I could smell the cold fresh breeze!!

The moon appeared to be a full moon.

I came back to the laptop..
spent a lot of time to update this web!!
Now daily update of the moon phase will be on my web.

Now again the moon phase is back !!
Now hope I wont miss another full moon!

(I must give credit to US Naval Observatory for updates on moon phases)

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  • At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Thanx for giving a real flavor of moonlit night

  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous superx1233

    really nice website =)
    have fun in bdesh!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Every day has a name..
For example, imagine February 1 is named with your name !
Everyone will know this day is named as yours..
Nice occation for Ur buddy to buy u some flowers !!

Check if you are lucky enough to have ur name in a day
(check the right column, its in swidish language, but u will understand)

the day has just been named with some persons. Usually if one day is named on a man's name, the next will be on a woman's name. Its same for everywhere !!
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Saturday, August 05, 2006
For the last 23 years, the whole of my life, I have never seen u in hospital.. i have never seen you so sick that u need to be taken to the hospital !!

Abbu !! Now u r lying helplessly on a bed.. But i cant even be there just to sit down by u..
U are even being given blood !!
I was informed u loook so helpless.. u are having hallucinations.. u are kept under watch 24 hours !! I cant wake up the night to make sure u r ok !!

I have nothing but to pray..
Get well soon !!
Get well soon, abbu !!

5 August, 2006
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  • At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Gagan, don't worry. Insallah uncle will be ok soon..
    We all hope uncle will recover in short time..
    oh.. one thing... may be you don't know, our favourite teacher GMQ sir is suffering from blood cancer now. He is in Bangkok now. We are trying our best to help him out of it...around $20,000 needed right now. His bank account number is
    G M Abul Quasem
    A/C No: 103 101 5150
    Savings Account
    Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
    Banani Branch
    if possible, try to send some money in this account. and inform others about this.. please

    thank you