Thursday, March 26, 2009

It kind of clicked in my mind... I guess I would have not been so passionate about smartphones (and my current career) , unless I have to spend over an hour almost every day in bus!

Doing stuffs inside bus became an inevitable part of my student life, coz it used to take almost an hour to reach my university from home, passing through a long traffic jam almost every day. I used to prepare myself for most of my short exams (quizzes) during the bus rides.

I started using a nokia Symbian based phone to read doc files to go through class lectures, review my power point slides of next presentation etc etc. All, to use my time in the bus.

I also used to chat a lot through msn messenger from my cell phone, specially on my way back home.

Now, I don't usually get time to check facebook and friend's blogs and other feeds except while being in the bus!

It's over 3 years now, I have been using 'unlimited' internet connectoion from my phone. Can't imagine going without it anymore!

If I had a car, I guess I would not have been so intrigued to smatphones with loads of softwares and games and mobile browsers and feeds etc..etc...

Good that I dont have a car now :)
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Monday, March 16, 2009

In future time, imagine a trip to a distant great place in another planet. Let's call that planet "Efil". To enter Efil, you need a pass card, a very interesting pass card. We will talk about that Efil pass card now.

Efil pass card contains 'Point's. As long as you have points left in your card, you can stay in Efil. As soon as the points run out, you have to leave the planet immediately.

To access all the entertainment services you will need to spend those points. To get food, you need to spend the points. To buy clothes, you need points. To do everything in Efil, you need to spend some points from your pass card.

The most interesting part of this pass card is, after every certain time, let's say every minute, one point is reduced from your pass card, no matter what you do. So if you just stand in Efil like an idiot, you will keep losing your points and soon they will run out.

Now, the best part... when your pass card is filled up and handed over to you, just before you are entering Efil, you don't know how much points have been given to your card. It can be a very small amount, allowing to stay there for a very short time. It can contain a huuge amount of points, that should allow you to enjoy there for a really long time.

Have you started picturing the fun already?

Some people enter Efil and start using their points very very carefully, in case they have really few points. They try to make strict rules to spend it, spend minimum amount to check the entertainment booths, just spend a few to eat and drink and get a sleeping booth, hoping they can stay there longer. In the end, their cards will automatically run out and they will most likely return without any fun!

Some don't even realize what they are supposed to look for. They roam around, rushing fast, looking for something absolutely great that will pay back their trip to Efil. But, most likely, with time, their cards will run out before they manage to buy what they have been looking for!

Some think, since they dont really know when the card will run out and it will run out in any case, they decide to get whatever enjoyable thing they can get on their way. When their cards empty out, they will probably come back with a smile... telling..well that was definitely fun.

I am sure you can come out with millions of different stories :)

Will it be hard to imagine "Your" story on planet "Earth" with your "lifE" card?
With your "Life" card filled with some unknown amount of "time" credit?
In a world where everything costs some of your "time" credit? Where there is another unit of "purchase" currency card and to get that you spend most of your "time" credits?

With my Life pass card, I am thinking the best use of my points!

March 16, 2009
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Spring is unofficially here !! First migrant birds have come back !

I believe many flew to Bangladesh or nearby for their "winter vacation" ! Wish I could join them :)

Source: YLE
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Few days back I got a white big envelop in my mailbox !

Well, that's a bit uncomfortable to get a note like that!!

And the important information turned out to be an advertisement in the end :@

Well, at least their intention served well, they made me open the envelop right away!

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Monday, March 02, 2009
I guess this picture says a lot !!
When an armed force soldier could not withhold the pain to see the massacre
created by "some" BDR (Bangladesh Rifles - border soldiers) mutinies ( swear words )!
(image source:

On the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the national flag of Bangladesh has been kept half-mast, as the nation mourns for the three days.

I have not talked about it with my non-Bangladeshi friends, neither am I planning to. I didn't want to write any blog post about it, it feels painful and very very shameful !!

I solemnly share my sadness along with the nation (but can never feel the same as those who lost their families there and who are still waiting for the missing) .


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