Monday, January 17, 2011

Woolly Mammoth (Source:

This Mammoth, which is now alive only in Ice Age movie and children's story book, may resurrect to life using cloning technique, said a Japanese researcher. All he needs now is a healthy cell frozen in Siberia (he is flying there soon). If he fails, he will beg to some Russian scientists who have already found some.

Science fiction? Still yes, but to my surprise the target timeline to make it non-fiction is as early as 5 years! (I do have hopes to live until that ;) ).

Well, the theory is simple, find some cells of Mammoth in Siberia, pin point one healthy cell, and use cloning method and a poor African elephant to surrogate the egg, and to the horror of some, the elephant will give birth to a Mammoth.

That's the theory, let's if we have reached to that sort of level of technology! (By the way, the success chance is around 30% which is quite huge in my opinion).

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011
The British magazine Monocle has named Helsinki Airport as the world's best for transfers.

Departures area at the Helsinki Airport.

Helsinki Airport serves approximately 13 million customers a year.

Monocle had named Helsinki as the world's best airport in 2009.

The magazine praised Helsinki Airport for its "human scale, outstanding wayfinding, sensible shopping and good network of destinations".

Last year Helsinki Airport was rated as Europe's best airport in the Skytrax survey.


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Saturday, January 01, 2011
Another 365 days have passed by, really fast... when I am trying to look back, I am almost having goosebumps thinking about the speed. Literally even before I grasped the idea that 2009 is gone, 2010 is already gone!!

For the first time in my life I had the new year eve alone. Perhaps it's not bad at all to accept the new year conceptually!

When I was trying to flashback last 12 months, I immediately noticed I have not shared one thing in my blog, about !!

What is it? Go and check it out yourself! For those having some ebook readers (like Kindle / Nook etc), this is may worth trying immediately, for others, aamm... i guess there is nothing much to see except just playing the instruction video once!

If you are still confused why I am sharing about, hei.. come on... I wrote the software!! ;)

I have bought kindle 3 and I am absolutely loving it (no wonder Amazon has recently declared it is now their best selling product, overshadowing Harry Potter sales).

Reading a pdf book after 'pdfscissor'-ed !

For those unlucky ones, who have not heard about Kindle, it's an ebook reader ! Its major benefit is its e-ink screen. Right... it does not hurt eyes, if you turn off your room light in the night, you can't use Kindle, just like you can't read a paper book in the dark. (and if you know me well, you should already know about my bad eyes). I am absolutely thanking the technology to literally save my life (my eyes). (Ops, enough advertisement for kindle)

Anyways, looking back at the last year, I think pdfscissors made me feel slightly contempt (otherwise 2010 was the most financially-active year of my life, tons of transactions, investment, winning, losing involved).

I would also like to share some reviews already done about

- Kindle world blog
- Some japanese review (translated)
- Another usage in Japan (translated) (most of my visitors are from Japan!)

Looks like I have mixed up pdfscissors post with happy new year post!! :P

Happpy New Year everyone... may you enjoy your life in 2011 more than any other year before!


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