Thursday, June 29, 2006
My first bike in Life !!

Its even silly to tell you this probably, but yet this is my first bike.. I biked for more than 1 hour today by the river, life was felt better at every paddle..

Now I must thank Eamon.
Eamon, A biiiig biiig thanks !!
Life is easier and lovelier when one has you as freind, specially as one of the best friends.
I salute Eamon once again for his excellent "Step-by-step formula wise" teaching on how to ride on bikes :D

29 June 2006, Thursday
Local time 9:50
Yliopistokatu, Oulu,Finland
(Bought the bike from a guy at 8:00pm at 40Euros, got toolkit, pump and oil free with it, N he promised to give a helmet but now said he had already given that away to someone )
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  • At 5:58 PM, Anonymous eamon

    Welcome gagan...I didn't know i am a good teacher of this.May be I should write a book "How to ride a bike - step by step formula" :D...eamon

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
It has been one month in Finland now.
I landed at Helsinki last 26, May 26. And now it is June 27 !
How quickly time flies !!
How quickly life changes !
I dont feel like being here more than a few days...
But the date says it has been one month..

Mentally I am still here for only like 6/7 days. I m still not settled down at all.

Local time 13:08
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Have u ever imagined being without a table?

I mean I have never paid attention to the fact that, I have two tables in my room in Dhaka..As a matter of fact, I never liked it before !!

I always tend to go to bed whenever possible, sometimes with all the books, and even laptop !!

Now I miss it. Very much. Almost 24 days without table in my room !!
I miss sitting on it.
I miss writing on it.
I miss working on it.

I m tired to draggin the laptop from floor !!

My Table !! Missing U !!

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Monday, June 19, 2006
A conversation I overheard from the meeting of Shup (Bangladeshi ) and Tuomas ( Finnish)

They were discussing some issues about some databases...
in serious voices..

Shup : "Lets talk about the key now"
Tuomas: "We may need a method like putKey"
Shup: "yah..we.. (sudden change in tone and..) hey u know what that putKey means in Bangla? it means ass :D"
Tuomas : "putKey..PutKey..hmm. In Finnish it means pipe"
Shup : "In bangla putKey mean ass hole..haha"
Tuomas : "So putkey mean pipes... in general"

Gagan: "Pipe in the ass ? Hah haha "

19 June 2006, Monday
Local time 3:53
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Monday, June 12, 2006
I was explaining Laura the damn experience I had in Russia.

Gagan: "Then they gave me some was so disgusting to watch them bringing buns"
Laura: "Bones? Oh nooo" (She heard it "Bones", i meant buns... bread)
Gagan: "Yap.. i was hungry but had no wish to eat those buns".
Laura: "Eww ! Bones !!"



Gagan : " Hey whats up with ur thesis?"
Laura : " Dishes? hmmm.. i can give two cups."
Gagan : "Two copies...hmm"
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  • At 10:42 AM, Anonymous -anupom

    Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Those who a know me a little more, they know how choosy i m in drinking water. When i went outside Dhaka for travelling, buying mineral water bottles consumes a huge portion of my budget!

I can eat anything from footpath, any sorts of hotel.. but water ?? noo way ..

Now I am having a very silly problem.
I m having troubles with drinking water here, in Finland.


Coz i have to drink from the tap !!
I know its fresh, but i simply have trouble to put my glass under the tap and then drink it...

The solution that I made is, I full the bottle from the tap. put the bottle on the table... later i drink from the bottle, ignoring the tap..

its better than drinking directly from the tap..haha

12 June 2006
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  • At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    hey i didnt know u r choosy abt ur water that much.don't i know u even a little gagan...hmm???

Friday, June 09, 2006
I finished a good portion of my work and then decided why dont i take a walk outside... So I took my backpack and jacket and mp3 player and went off...

Then on the street....
A crane was about to drag away one car !!

I went to a small park..
hey !! what's there !!

The "icecream wala"

The sun, chilling wind..
The icecream, the street...

The park..

The water-fountain-statue

= An excellent day !!!

June 2006
Oulu, Finland

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Bus no 6

I started gazing through the window

It was like a running movie at my window..nice, neat and clean beautiful city ...

Full of colors..

My bus crosses two bridges..

The second bridge is a little longer one

The road side was covered with yellow grass flowers

An age-old lady cycling...
she must have been over her eightees

I stepped down the bus at Anitlla Bus stop

And it was a little walk to the office

All zebra crossings have signals.. (cant be seen in pic)

The building where the office is in

Going to the 2nd floor.

BASE International Oy

2006 06 06 ( 666 !!!)
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  • At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    josh description dichos....mone hochilo sopno dektechi....eto sundor sohor...this is da gift of life gagan....and its only for enjoy every moment in ur style....john

I just dropped my luggage at shups place. and then was invited to the weekend party hosted by Gofur,local Bangladeshi at Oulu. I was informed all the bangalees are in the party. Also pakistani ( 3 ) and Indian ( 1) joined us.

It was around 85 Km East of Oulu.
It was a wooden cottage by the lake...

Everything was in order.
The soap was just where it should be.
The bed was just how it needs to be to sleep.
The fireplace, the chairs, the napkins everything was in perfect order.

The cottage

Mizan's Car

The chairs by the lake

Beautiful sunny weather, isnt it?

Gone romantic sitting there !!

Vamsi with 60 Kg on his shoulder.
Hey Ikram, Tie the vollyball net fast :D

Nice ride :D !!
From the right Vamsi and Ikram on him, Gohor, Jahangir Vai, Helal Vai, Shup, Belayet Vai and cant remmber the leftmost guy

Cake n Coffee in the afternoon

Everyone here !!

Where the whole-night card party took place

Shup "in mood"

Great place to take pics.. Say cheeeeezz

Gofur Vai driving me back.

Ahh !! It was a superb weekend.
But hey !! I m still on the dress that I put on in Delhi, 4 days ago !! Ops !! Hadnt got chance to change :)

May 26(THU) 2006 to May 28 2006 ( SUN)
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  • At 7:34 AM, Anonymous eamon

    Lake ta asholeo kothin.Ar lake er pashe cotage.....really awesome....eamon


I have heard a lot of bad things about moscow.
Like people having troubles to get places to sleep, or the official personnel who were unwilling to talk...etc.

But did someone experience anything worse than i had ?
In my life, i have never been in more terrible situtation than this.
In my life, i have never been so afraid than this.
In my life, I have never felt more helpless than this...

I landed at moscow at around 8:30 in moscow time, 26May 2006.
The passengers were led to the transit desk, so did I.
One officer checked my passport and also wanted to see if I have any agreement documents of my work permit. Every doc was shown.

Then i was on the queue to the waiting room. One russian young lady(Pretty sharp face) was checking passports and stamping somekinda seal on those.

When she was checking mine, she told me 'please wait'. I had get out of the queue. She put my ticket and passport on her desk.

When every one was gone and i was wondering why m i the only one here..she summoned me to follow her.

She took me downstairs and gave my passports to a rough looking Russian officer, who was smoking ( Wasnt that airport a no-smoking zone?)

I asked them "could u please tell me whats going on?May be I can help u". No ans..."Just sit down".

I just sat on a metal chair. Dont remember how long. more than an hour ofcourse...

I couldnt see the officer. He was gone somewhere with my passport and ticket.
Every single second i was thinking what if somehow they lose my passport !!
N what on earth may be wrong in my passport?

But i was a bit relaxed cause my next flight is at 5pm. I have more than enough time, i guessed.

Finally, the smoking guy came out, gave my passport and ticket to a fat lady. The lady starting walking upstairs. I was thundered. Shouldnt I follow my passport?

I took my handbag and laptop-bag and started following. "Should I follow u mam?" She jst nodded her head a little.

She took another guy, ( I guessed he was another unlucky passenger) and made us follow her.

It was a long passage. We passed doors after doors. Passage after passage. I was quite tired and extreeeemly sleeepy. I could feel my brain expanding and srinking with heartbeats. It was hard for me to walk with the baggages.

Finally we arrived almost at one end of the airport i guess. We went down a long staircase and she showd me a bench to sit on.

It was kinda dark room with doors to 2/3 diry rooms. I could see age-old tables, the walls have become blackish somewhere.Those reminded me about Bangladeshi crap-offices.

I was standing near a bench. A strange looking lady was sitting there. She was wearing white boots ( loong to her knee). black pants or something like that.She had white hairs and a face totally ruined with makeups and colors. ( I have never seen a prostitute before.. i dont exactly why, but she appeared to be as one... i guess she was a russian)

I tried to talk with the other guy who came with me.But he cant really understand English !!!

I waited and waited.
I tried to talk with the officers inside the rooms.
I asked "may i come in sir?"
The said "No".
I came back later, "I really need to with someone.."
They said something in Russian with an angry voice.
I peeped in another room. It was the security room full of CCTV monitors. There were some ladies ( including the officer who brought me here). Everytime i tried to enter they were either on phone or busy with lipsticks.
Finally i found them in a stable position. N as soon as I started talkign, she shouted please sit. I started "but..." she yelled at me "SITTT DOWN".


I came back to the bench. Collapsed on it.
I was in Moscow. Stuck.
Noone knows I am actually where.
I couldnt find any way to make an international call.
I couldnt find a way to get out of that place.
I was wondering where would my dad look for me if I dont reach Finland on time.

At around 3, ( i have only 2 more hours) a lady brought some trays and left in a dark corner near toilet. She also opened a small metal window ( I havent noticed that before) and pushed one tray through that.

What the hell????
Is it somekinda jail?
Is someone living in that small cell?
Are they gonna put me in one of those?

I felt something cold running in my back.
I became afraid.
Very very afraid.

I went to that corner near tiolet.
There were 2 more guys there.
I found one who could speak English. Very little. But he can.
He was an Iraqi.

From him, I came to know, he was standing there for 3 days. The other guy was living in that floor for 6 days.

That wasnt a hotel u can stay.
There was no shower u could take.
There was no clothes u could borrow from someone.
There was no phone u could inform others.
It was out of the world.

I was in total panic.


I m tired of telling. I smsed 2/3 message from the iraqis cell. Thanks God at least i could inform my sister, mikko and Laura.


It was 4:20. I saw in the boarding pass ( One officer has just shown me that) i should board at 4:20. I then came to know i was gonna miss my plane. I then tried to eat what was on the tray. One officer brought another girl in the room. I talked with her. She was a mongolian. cnt speak english.

I was hungry.
I was tired without any sleep from the last night.
I was in panic.
Alone, sitting in moscow.

Its easy to read.
Its easy to say U shouldnt have gone panicing. many things happen in Airports....
But i wasnt sure how dad could send any help to this place.
There is no way he can help me there.
N it was so horrible.


I prayed a lot.


I saw 5pm by my watch.

Was that my plane's sound? Leaving with my luggage?

If I get released after 2/3/4/5/6/ days, i will probably lose my luggage.


It was 5:05.

2 officers running to the room.

My heart bumped.

Arent they calling me?

I ran behind them

It 5:15 when i reached a gate.

I was without my ticket and passport and they checked my bag, made me put off my shoes

and scanned it and pushed me to a plane.

No one answered


I was in the plane.

Alone in the 3 seats.

Is this plane going to Finland?

What will happend If I land and they dont have my passport in the plane?

Where on earth will I go then?

How long it may take me home without a passport?

All i wanted then is no job, no adventure, no Finland.

I wanted to go home.

TO my country, to move freely.

to talk ...

yes... to talk.. with ammu, with u...

to walk in the known streets and wanted to eat chanachur...


The plane landed.

I asked the air-hostage on my way out.

She gave me an envelop where i found my passport, my ticket and My boarding pass (!)

In a minute i came out the airport.

The immigration officer tok 50 seconds to let me out.

It was around 7:00 ( i forgot) in Finland.

It was fresh rainy air outside.

It was cold.

It was refreshing cold.

I started walking to the bus stand.

I know i had to look for Bus 615 or 615T or 615N.


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  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger shahan

    horrible !! really panic-ing experience!!

    I wonder how u manage those hours! even in bangladesh if I get stuck in somewhere like that, i donno what i'll do.

    nice escape from there! i'd like to see ur face when u got ur passport(& othr things..) back :)

    take care, bye.
    >> Shahan

    NB: what the prosti was doing there in an airport?


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  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger shahan

    hi Gagan,
    nice 2 see ur blog!
    keep well.
    dont catch cold!

    it's me...Shahan!

  • At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Mazed,
    Ekhono kono hot maia pao nai ?
    paile immediately janaba.Amader kar assumption kotodur laglo sheta jana jabe ...
    (Shahan chheleta hijra hoe jachchhe)