Tuesday, June 02, 2009
I got an email, that came through some sort of mailing list. I am copy-pasting it here, deleting all the names etc.

Before you start reading, one information, bike stealing is a pretty common thing here in Fin, (and probably that's the only frequent 'crime' in this least crime zone). You will surely find good bikes locked with heavy locks / chains. However, somehow, someone always manages to become an expert bike thief.

Check out the mail and notice the last line ;)

Hello everybody,I contact with all of you to try to recoup my bike. Someone
stole my bike which was in XYZ, in Road 012, in front of the building
where I live, and it was locked.
I do not remember now which was the model of my bike, it is black, with 24
gear and the bike is bigger than normal bikes. If you know who stoles my
bike, or someone is trying to sell you a bike with the lock of the back
wheel broken, and it matchs to the description that I did, please contact
me. Also I report my situation to the police.

If the person who stole my bike is reading, you have to know that I will
find you. No matter where you are or whom you are selling the bike, I will
discover who you are. You were warned.

My mobile phone: 01234567
Ask for John Doe( Me)

Poor guy !! I wonder what will happen if he actually manages to find the thief.

A friendly note to all bikers, don't lock like this ;)
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