Monday, January 17, 2011

Woolly Mammoth (Source:

This Mammoth, which is now alive only in Ice Age movie and children's story book, may resurrect to life using cloning technique, said a Japanese researcher. All he needs now is a healthy cell frozen in Siberia (he is flying there soon). If he fails, he will beg to some Russian scientists who have already found some.

Science fiction? Still yes, but to my surprise the target timeline to make it non-fiction is as early as 5 years! (I do have hopes to live until that ;) ).

Well, the theory is simple, find some cells of Mammoth in Siberia, pin point one healthy cell, and use cloning method and a poor African elephant to surrogate the egg, and to the horror of some, the elephant will give birth to a Mammoth.

That's the theory, let's if we have reached to that sort of level of technology! (By the way, the success chance is around 30% which is quite huge in my opinion).

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