Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Sunday was the first skate of this year...

Well, i fell ONLY once !
I guess I remember some from last year's first tries :D

Yesss... the proof... the brown guys can skate tooo !!

I felt like I m learning how to walk ! Soo hard to keep balance on the knees :D
About to fall here !

Xia moon walking

(Good to have her there, otherwise who would document that I can skate :D)

Here is a video too !!

Tips for someone who has never done skating before, I am giving you 'formulas' :)
  • - Dont be afraid to fall... accept the fact that you will fall many times. Believe that falling is part of the fun

  • - It will be really hard at the beginning, still try to keep the knees a bit bended. I remember at the first day, it was impossible for me to bend knees, I was trying to stand straight. Bending knees will give you more control later.

  • - Try to fall forward, rather backward. At the beginning you will tend to fall backward.. try to bring your center of gravity forward and keep knees bended. Soon you will be surprised to learn to keep your balance.

  • - After you learn to stand, try to move your balance to one leg only and then the other. When you walk, you shift your weight from one leg to another. Try the same trick here. First stand on leg one, now push forward with the other leg and try to keep your full balance on leg one. Very soon you will get the idea and you will be able to move fast.

  • - Dont even try to stop at the beginning. Just stop pushing and you will slow down and stop. Stopping is hard, so at the beginning dont frustrate yourself by trying to stop.
I got these tips from different people on different days... I have got many many other tips, but these are the keys to learn skating. I do pretty well remember how I learnt it, so it is easier for me to tell you.

Happy skating..again...dont be afraid to fall :)

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  • At 4:20 AM, Blogger chiya

    I really like that picture you took, it looks neat because I never skate on an outdoors rink so it looks neat.

    Some good tips there, especially about bending knees!

    Have fun skating!

Monday, January 28, 2008
Another look at my kitchen again... I have some upgrades :D

Remeber my spices? Well they are running out fast !

Have I forgotten to tell about garlic / ginger squeezer ?

I make breads (ruti, porota) with this..

Upgrade: New pan ! With superb, heavy, nice glass lid

The latest collection... Onion / Vegetable cutter ...
As you can see its a matter of minutes to chop 1 kilo onions

Output : My experiments...
Here is Thai style stir fried Vegetable with
Macaroni , Basmati rice in mixture of Bangladeshi, Polish spices and Finnish stocks

Thanks goes to Shup and Kate for the first three pics... They had left good stuffs with me !

By the way, I have been at Pekka's place (one of my project managers, Pekka Aho). He wanted to learn how to cook spicy dishes. So we cooked polao, chicken korma ( modified version) and beef jhal fry. Pekka taught me cooking Blue cheese mashroom soup, it was awesome ( and since it was tasty, as always, it was quite unhealthy with looooots of cheese ... haha )
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Sunday, January 27, 2008
I have totally enjoyed exploring your blog! Fascinating perceptions of the world around you! I am utterly intrigued. I am sure it is because your origins are Bangladesh and you live in Finland. So refreshing to find a different perspective!
Last night I found this comment in the last post.

If this comment was by my mom or Shanila, I might have said, this is because of love... love had added extra spices to the reader. If this was by Eamon, Rahin, Jalal or my other friends, I might have said, hmm... good frineds... good inspirations !!! But this comment was by some completely unknown person Gemma Wiseman

...How did I land here? i was looking for information on the kite festival in St Martin's Island and found you! I have been wandering here ever since! lol

I was aamazed, surprised and unbelievably happy :)

I have been writing ( mostly in my language Bangla) for a long time now (99.99% of them are not public and have never been posted anywhere). I also maintain 5 blogs ( 4 are private, I use them as kinda paperless diaries). But this blog is the only place where I have been writing public posts. When some unknown reader comments that she liked to read them, I do have to take a deep breath of satisfaction... complete satisfaction.

Naturally I got a bit curious about Gemma

...and here is more about her
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Thursday, January 24, 2008
It has not been snowing this much for a really loooong time.
It was nice and wonderful snow storm today..

When I got out of work... I had to struggle hard to walk to the bus stop...
The pavements were all fully covered by thick layer of snow !

The cars that clear the snows did not have enough time to clear up the road...
Do you see where is the border between the footpath and the road?

It was a four way junction .. with footpaths on both sides...
but I dont see any difference :) all white !
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  • At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Gemma Wiseman

    I have totally enjoyed exploring your blog! Fascinating perceptions of the world around you! I am utterly intrigued. I am sure it is because your origins are Bangladesh and you live in Finland. So refreshing to find a different perspective! How did I land here? i was looking for information on the kite festival in St Martin's Island and found you! I have been wandering here ever since! lol

    Smiles and Light

    P.S. Congrats on your marriage! Happiness always to you both!

  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger Gagan

    wow... what a surprise... wonderful feelings to hear that !!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008
One cold night in the city center...
the water flow has stopped...
frozen... lightened...

Market street...
One Christmas eve...
Decorated... lightened ...
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  • At 4:36 PM, Anonymous BB

    It Looks Magical.I loved the frozen WHITE water flow :)

  • At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Shup

    It doesn't feel so magical when you're actually there freezing your !@#$...

Saturday, January 19, 2008
Just like in this video, if some one is playing with me !!!

(flash player needed)
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Thursday, January 17, 2008
What do u guess as World's best selling consumer electronics products?

Nop, it's Nokia 1100 !!!!!!!!!! ( I was quite surprised too !)

This is also the world's best selling phone set !!!

Over 200 million Nokia 1100 cellphones have been sold since its launch in late 2003, making it the world's best selling phone handset, as well as one of the best selling consumer electronics devices in the world, beating

Sony's Playstation 2 (115 million),
Apple's iPod (110 million),
Motorola's RAZR (50 million),
LG's Chocolate (10 million)

I found it suddenly while junk browsing..

you can verify from here
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Monday, January 14, 2008
Try out this Finnish song :)
This probably doest not mean much ;)

It's about Sirens (Sirens were two or three deadly-dangerous bird-women in Greek Mythology, known to lure mariners).

I dont want anything ( 24 times !!)
Borderline is drawn on the water,
yeast that makes the dough swelling,
reach as far as u can, pay debt for your stupidity.

Borderline is wedge hit to nerve
Rasp, you can cut the bars with
Solve formal of happiness
Scales, you can weigh blood with

I dont hate anything ( 6 times) ... like you
I dont want anything ( 8 times)

Hey Siren, immoral angel
lap as burning word,
skull-fireball over hate and dark rules of pain
Barren drivel looking for playing
Hey Siren, slender demon,
lap like musical rhyme
sun-raindance over pleasure and desire of dry forrest
To rough poems searching for restaurant

Translation: Saija Härmä

Well, i dont know what the lyrics actually means, neither does Saija :D
But I liked the song

Here it is - Don Huonot - Seireeni
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Imagine you are walking in the street and someone comes to you asking directions.

Ok !! You start telling him how to go there. Then out of no where, suddenly, two workmen walk between you two, carrying a huge door !!

Interestingly, the guy you have been giving direction quickly changes with one of the door carrying workmen... When the door is gone ... you are left giving direction to a taller, different man !!!!!

Do you think you will obviously notice that ????

15 people have been tested with this situation, 8 of them did not notice that the guy he had been giving direction has changed :D

Pay attention !!

Attention is something not well known, but surely it's a limited resource :)
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My current project manager calls me "Mayzd" :)

"Good morning Mayzd"
"How are today Mayzd"

I never told him the right way to say it :)
I guess i kinda enjoy it !!

After all I am 'aamazed' :D
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  • At 5:47 AM, Blogger eamon

    hehe you are enjoying it :D

    You know what? From my primary grade I was being called SHOHID by my classmates and now in my office my colleagues called me SHOHID but my name is SHAHID(SHAA_HID).

    I also enjoy it and don't tell them the right way to say it :P

Monday, January 07, 2008
2007 has been a very special year for me, for my family !

My father retired from Government service in the beginning of 2007.

My sister got married to the greatest man in February 2007.

I married Shanila in August 2007.

There have been many other "First"s in 2007 as well, including
My first 'home' (not shared, not paid by parents)
My first 'korbani' ( not paid by parents)

( cnt remember others now :D)

What about your 2007? U forgot too ;) ?
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It has been quite a long time actually since I have posted last time !!!

Have you been wondering if there has been nothing happening in my life ? (At least Rahin was wondering :D). As a matter of fact quite many things have been happening ( and sharable) but I guess I was lazy enuf not to post.

It all started 22 December 2007.
I have been doing absolutely nothing for the following the days :

22 December 2007, Saturday, Weekend
23 December 2007, Sunday, Weekend
24 December 2007, Monday, Xmas holiday
25 December 2007, Tuesday, Xmas holiday
26 December 2007, Wednesday, Xmas holiday

29 December 2007, Saturday, Weekend
30 December 2007, Sunday, Weekend

01 January 2008, Tuesday, New year holiday

The first five consecutive days were amazingly lazy !! I have decided to make it the longest laziness I have ever had. And I guess I made it. For four days I have not stepped out of my door.(Fifth day I had to go outside to attend a dinner gathering). It was the longest time I have ever been in home alone, without stepping out a single foot step.

I had been reading, watching movies, playing guitar, cooking, singing alone, writing, lying around and listening music. It was more fun than I expected.

I guess my laziness even kept me away from posting here :D

Well, time to say bye to laziness and wake up... New year will start its "busyness" in full speed from today. I wonder when will be the next holiday !! Not so close for sure !

Belated Eid mubarak !
Belated Merry Xmas !
Belated Happy New Year !!

January 07, 2008 ( 2008 !!!!)
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