Friday, October 27, 2006
Do u want a flickr style Logo for u?:D


Flickr is great !
I love it coz i can upload my images from my phone, when the memory starts getting full..

Go grab yours from

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This is just great !!
simply awesome..

I am now going to advertise for a software.
(Coz it made me damn happy and it costs 0 penny)

Think about this..
I am signing to skype from my cell..
I see who's online...

I call my friend Eamon/Rahin from my cell..
They ans from their PC and we talk for 2 hours..
and it doesnot cost me anything except battery power !!


ThankQ Fring (

This is a quick look how it works !

So sign in skype / google talk (my google talk = gagan.mazed and skype = gagan789)
and call me !!
I will be on my phone waiting for ur cal..
If u dont c me online, knock me in my msn ( i m there 99% times of the day ) and ask me to be in skype:D
we can TALK anytime, anywhere, costing me nothing !!

(and y no 1 is using google talk ? :S .. i see none online there !! )

( AND OH !! It needs gprs connection, and you will be charged for that, of course...fortunately my company phone has almost unlimited gprs data support)

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Hey I ate oyster..
It was on the pizza !
A lot of them!

It's very rubbery.
A little salty rubber. Thats it :D
Not much tasty.
I wont look for it for sure.
but if I get it as extra in my pizza/soup, i wont mind.
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Monday, October 23, 2006
I think one of the best thing of Eid ( at dhaka ) is to lie down on the sofa, with makaroni, chips, icecream/coke/tea and watch TV special programms !! Most of them claim to be comedy, aaaand time just passes while trying to figure out whats the comedy in them!!:D
Yet thats fun and relaxing.

back home, ammu used to fill up the table with snacks and eid dishes.
Whenever u r hungry, just go grab something :D

This time, i have a table with food too..
It will be there whole evening and night..

(Makaroni.. fried rice with potatos, french fries with pepper mix and tomato hot sauce)

I have just downloaded a movie ( it takes only a few minutes:D)..
I will watch it now covering myself under a
whenever i m hungry i wil just get something from the table..

By the way, I am too lazy when i am "this relaxed". So I have put a pack of juice by the bed. Its within my hand-distance :)

Eid mubarak

6:39 pm
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Eid ! Eid ! Eid..
i woke up a little late.. 8:30.. though i had set my alarm for 7:00 :P
I put my glass on..and another shock..
there is almost no other color outside except white..
the pine trees are holding hundreds of snow flakes, offering me a heavenly white scene.

So, its Eid today ?
But where is the smell of khichuri and paesh?
I opened my room's door, why not everyone running to and fro with towels for shower or looking for the new socks which is suddenly vanished ?
I turned my oven on. Where is mom, busy with all her hands preparing noodles and everything and sweating !!
I took a quick shower, why there is no1 knocking the door to hurry up!!

I put on the new shirt, that my bestest friend bought for me A MONTH before !
(A warm to thanks to YOU for that !!
YOU thought it very well .. without a new dress there cannot be an Eid)

I ate the "khichuri" i prepared two days ago! I was trying my best to hurry up. But..i was feeling..its getting too late. The eid prayer starts at 9:30, and its 9:00..oh..9:05..9:10..when i finally ran out like a stupid dog, it was already 9:17. I opened the apartment door, the bus was on the other side of the road, i saw it coming !! I cant reach it !! So, I started running to the opposite direction, to the next stop . I hoped there would be a red signal on the bus's way..

i didnt have time to put my gloves on... i was freezing in -5. But i was the bus passing through the next stop too.. I didnt feel that sad.. its just not my day..

The only sign to feel eid was probably this morning eid prayer, and i m 10 mins away from it, and missed the last bus..

I didnt knw what to do when i finally halted at the empty bus stop...

Bus 22 !! I saw it coming.. this bus has started its service recently !!
Forgot about that !!


15 mins later, i was in the gathering. The prayer was decided to be held a little late. Coz ppl were coming from far by car. Its the only Eid prayer near hundred kms.
Are those all muslims??
Black, white, blonde, dark.. all sorts of people sitting on the carpet !!
From Turkey, Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, some black from I couldnt guess where!

it was extremely good to be among them.
After prayer, i hugged and did "Kolakuli" with ppl i have never seen.

The imam distributed toys to the children !!
that was something new !

I was playing with a Belayet vai's little kid safa.

I am in the office right now.
I should not write blog in office hours.
But i cannt resist.
( Come on!! Its eid !! )
So is it just anothe cold winter day?

No..its not..
Its Eid..though i m in the office..fixing bugs..
yet, its eid..
eid in the music in my headphone..
Eid in the smell of the new shirt i m wearing..
Eid in the expensive and delicous Kebab-pizza I have bought..
Eid in the makaroni that i will cook this evening..
Eid in the big fat huuuge chips bag I will buy when I go home ..
Eid in the jackie chan movie that i will download at home..
Eid in saying eid mobarak to my roommates..
Eid in showing them how to do kolakuli ..
Eid in sleeping late night..and whispering to myself.. it was eid today !

Eid ul Fitr
23 October 2006
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Sunday, October 22, 2006
22 october 2005 is a very special day in my life.
( anyways, i m not going to talk about that now)..

and 22 october 2006 added something more.. and made this day more special..
guess what !!

I saw the first ever snow fall in my life today morning !!
I woke up. It was an weekend.
I was relaxed...slowly i put on my glasses and what the !!
What are those falling from sky !!
Is that really ...really snow?

it was..
Wow !!
I was looking at the was pitch black just last night.. now totally white..
trees were green, some golden, now they are full of white spots..

I quickly dressed up..
wore the boots, the overcoats..
and went out to check out..

I opened the apartment door !! and wow..
snow on the roads,

the benches, the bicycles !!

i put my first step on snow !

I was feeling very curious abt the lake? hey how is the lake now?
is it frozen totally?
or there are snow flakes floating on the water??

it was a quick walk..
very enjoyable..
snow falling on my coat, on my face !!

And i reached the lake in a mintue.
It was frozen and beutiful !!
A biig huuuge white carpet !
there are little hole far away, where i could see water still liquid..
some white birds were gathering there..
Such a heavenly scene !!

October 22 is surely special
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  • At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    gagan, 22 oct is really special for U. I know that. :D

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
I was downloading some mp3s from link than Mizan vai gave me. Then in the music folder I found the National Anthem of Bangladesh. hm..I havent heard that quite a long time. So I downloaded and double clicked..

It's very hard for me to explain what happened then. I am not that patriotic I guess. If there starts a war, I will probably think of my family first...but ... suddenly.. far away from my country..this anthem made me feel soo proud..

I was imiging may be one day, this song..this flag will be known to everyone around the world.. I wont have to say.. " ohh!Bangladesh is just beside India. Probably U are not so bad at geography that u even dont know about India..haha"

Also this version is a lot modern than the one I used to hear during my school assembly.

Here it is..

Download Bangladesh Anthem
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
My first ever iftar outside Bangladesh !! Absolutely alone !! Everything prepared by myself !!

From bottom left, Chicken balls, rice, apple, orange juice, chicken vuna, water, milk..
Those were enough for me:)

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Monday, October 16, 2006
I have just eaten horse meat with bread as my lunch !
It was smoked horse meet.. The color was like dark choclate..
U can take the slice out of the pack and put it over ur bread and start eating right away.
It was quite good :D
It tested pretty much like lamb meat, may be a bit more rubbery.

I tried to eat just the meat without bread..then it felt kinda smelly. But with bread, it was interesting !

One pack was 100 gms, with a few circular slices, costed 2.95 euros. So daaam expensive! But I could spend happily to try a horse :D

( But I wonder, do they have a firm, where they grow horses just for meat, like cows??
hmm !!
Do they feed them quite much, so that they become fat?
which will surely never become a good horse to take a ride on :D?)

Office, 13:27
16 October 2006, Monday
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Sunday, October 15, 2006
I was drinking tea at Shup's room. I just had a nice luch + dinner with shup and Kate from Poland. So pretty much relaxed !!

Then suddenly the sky fell on my head..
A hit !!
auuuchh !!

The cover of the ceiling lamp fell off on my head and broke apart !! aaaaaaauuch !!

Yes.. I was sitting just where Shup is sitting now !

here is the cover now.. i really wonder how it broke.. on my head ? or after it hit the ground ?

The light, now naked !!

Thanks god, the cover was made of plastic ! I wonder if it had been made of glass !!
opps !!

Anyway, I m fine now :)
But that was an accident..
U never know whats gonna happen right in the next moment, do u?:)

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Hey, Etihad Airways is great.. A lot better than i expected. This time the whole trip was excellent in one word !!

Let me show u some pics

This was my first look at Abu Dhabi airport !!!

A tunnel that took me to my hotel !! The airport hotel was right in the transit zone. So you dont have to leave the airport or need any visa for that !

Hey.. doesnt it look like something like alien made? ya !! I saw this in one of x files :D

The hotel lobby !! mm..i was sure my room would be great !!

Corridor to my 305 ! Cool !!

And it was great !! just after opening the door !! Through the window u can see the planes running right infront of u !! Great view !! The air conditioner system was superb and huge !!

Hmm ! Two beds !! I should brought some one with me ;)

Awesome arrangment for sitting by the window and reading something ! I tried reading newspaper in night turning that lamp on !! Felt like some rich businessman:D

Tv from the bed !!

Oh !! Had a nice shower and excellent time in the bathroom !!


Ahh !! Fresh shower and then to the restaurant for lunch !

Started with the soup of the day..full of mashroom, cheese !

I wanted to have the lamb dish! but it wasnt there ! So i tried beef stro..stooo..stroudgate with rice or something !! ( Oh by the way, in the plane, I ate lamb kebab..first ever in my is great !!)

I watched tv..took a nice nap and then i went out to take a better look at that strange and awesome looking airport !

So here is the center pillar !

Which expands and makes the ceiling..

A better look at the ceiling !!

Hey hey hey.. a Harley Davidson bike !! It was on lottery i guess

The night and the moon !! ( sigh !! )

Okay..second plane to Munich..almost an empty plane.. lots of seats to lie down..and a personal LCD where u can watch movies, listen to video, see the plane's front view camera or even play games like chess !!


Weired but good looking seats ( someone over there is also sleeping on it !! )

Lighting in the airport

Look at the eluminating desks !!

From the airport u can go downstairs and catch these trains.

And i went outside to take a fresh breath in Munich.

The temparature was very comfortable..

a little cold but not much !!!

The sun was rising... it was yellow and beuuuuutiful !!

Outside airport

Leaving Munich by Finnair flight ! Lucky to have a window seat !

Final journey.. Pendelino train from Helsinki to Oulu !

....and dressed up to survive oulu..inside lift of my apartment ! 13 october, morning !

and leaving office to go back to my home !!

I left Dhaka on 11 October,2006, 9:15 am
Reached Abu Dhabi at 12:30 local time.
Left for Munich at 02:00, 12 October local time and reached there at 6:30 local time.
Finally started for Helsinki at 10:20 and reached there at 1:50.
Caught the train at 3:33 and finally reached Oulu at 9:25 pm , 12 October 2006.
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