Tuesday, December 30, 2008
It's a small, yet hugely populated third world nation. I wonder how many cares and follows. But it's my country and I am deeply intrigued by the most interesting election (to me) in Bangladesh.

There are basically two major parties, AL (Awami league) and BNP (Bangladesh National Party) and some others. For last decade, there has been a (nasty) fight between these two parties and I have believed, there were supporters for both these parties, leading to a competition between two parties always. For the last three elections, these parties formed Government alternatively, proving there are balanced supporters for both.

The alternation rule between these two Major parties to form Government has continued, BNP has been replaced by AL, but the interesting part is, AL won a landslide victory, an unbelievable triumph against all other parties !!! That's why this is interesting !!

(source: dailystar)

I don't read political news everyday, so surely I am not an expert in this field. I have been asking few friends about their reaction. Looks like the new generation is quite excited about it. This was summary.

- Almost all my friends went to vote and they reported it was unexpectedly safe and sound environment.

- Everyone (sorry, there must be few supporters) is happy that Jamaat Islam was defeated with shame. This is the 'so called' religion based party and supports some war criminals (of course, they argue they are not).

- The young generation went to vote in festive mode. Their number was huge and undoubtedly had a tremendous effect on the result.

- An unbelievable number of big fishes were defeated, fishes that expected and had been enjoying sure wins in some regions.

- Everyone wanted change (hmm.. obama dialouge)

The popural slogan...
Literal translation:
'It's my vote and I will give mine...
after observing, listening and knowing"

I am also a bit worried, will parliament work smoothly with such a majority from AL. You know, when there is no opposition force, power may become overwhelming.

But after last two eventful political years and serious anti-corruption efforts, I hope everyone learnt the lesson. People want change in politics and time is a bit different now.

(image source: allvoices.com)

- 30 December 2008

(P.S. I must thank to dailystar.net for their nice coverage. Even though their rss/podcast didnot work and here is a news video from NDTTV about the peaceful pole:

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  • At 1:33 AM, Blogger eamon

    I also heard about these things that you have mentioned in your post, from few of my friends living in Dhaka. I kinda miss this election. This could be the first time I might vote someone but it did not happen :(

Monday, December 15, 2008
I have not been able to meet Santa (the real one, where Santa lives and where your post will go if you send a post card "TO SANTA")... but Shanila made it before me!!

Rovaniemi, Oulu, Finland. Quite north it is !!
And on the way you actually can cross the arctic circle !

Santa Clause Village

Eheeheehe... Cooold

Good job Shanila !! Got a rain deer already!!
(And interesting boots you have there :D)

A tree full of letters !!

Actually all of the letters of this tree are from Japanese kids !!

Now that's a big snow man !!

Hei.. the snowman is somehow confused to see u Shanila !! Look at its just-became-confused face :D


Looks nice !!

Hoa !! Watch out !!

Santa with the 'children' around
From left bottom Shanila, and her friends from
Switzerland, Cameron, Japan, Russia, Greece, Hungary and Thailand
(Psst.. this picture costed 35Euros.. u r not allowed to take snaps with your camera)


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