Thursday, May 28, 2009

Imagine two banners side by side. One says "No Smoking" and the second one...
"No smiling".

I guess, it will soon be not uncommon in most of the states in US. Because, four states has already banned smiling in driving license photos. Why? Computers don't like human smile and they often make mistakes identifying a person by scanning their photos, when smiling.

So four states -- Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia -- are telling drivers to wipe that grin off the face. No more happy days for licensing, the states have declared, drivers must adopt "neutral facial expressions. (source)
Many other states are considering similar approach. Some states though are resisting the movement. Pennsylvania Transportation Department spokesman Craig Yetter, states, "People can smile here in Pennsylvania."
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's not really uncommon when I find people with a nice smartphone in the hand getting surprised to hear that you can install software to make the phone a nice voice recorder, or schedule a sms at midnight to send automatically next morning, or install other browsers....

There is a huuge amount of smartphone users who are not aware of applications installable to their phone at all !

IPhone kinda changed that picture. It comes with a application store and people were able to find all sorta application they need. And of course people love apps, and some event spent $1000 to buy a 'stupid' app that does nothing, but shows a glowing red stone (It was perfectly named as "I am rich"). Anyways...

Nokia finally followed the legend IPhone appstore created. Today it opened ovi store.

Why don't u browse to from your nokia phone and check out if there is something fun for you!


- Update: I had a big hope with ovi store, but after browsing for a while and looking at the poor apps list, ugly screenshots view page, stupid free apps, it was a total disappointment. Nokia had declared it will have 20,000 item on the opening of ovi store, but I guess the numbers are now mostly filled up with junk videos and wallpapers. If that's how Nokia tries to keep promises, bad days are ahead for the giant.
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Monday, May 18, 2009
To those who never wrote a 'program' for a computer, will most likely assume today's computer are 'genius' in computing and solving math.

So lets try this simple subtraction in Google and yah.. it should return 1.

But, there is always some human writing that math behind the machine and there is always human error :)

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