Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Finland !! If someone knows anything about Finland a bit, I think the immediate picture he gets, is a calm, quiet and peaceful place. But looks like some are rocking the quiet place with gunfire.

This morning, I started getting pings from all around with the news of another gunfire, which just happened. The national broadcaster YLE reported that a shooting incident had occurred in a vocational school in the town of Kauhajoki.

People in IRC have already started spreading the links found about the news. Here are some:

BBC news: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/7630969.stm
The guys youtube site: http://www.youtube.com/user/Wumpscut86
And a collection of stuffs left by the guy: http://kuvaton.com/kauhajoki/

Tuomas told me he had uploaded files in rapidshare before the incident.

A screenshot from the guy's youtube page. Looks like full of gunfire practice videos.

The picture he had in another social network site

Did u know this?
The level of gun ownership in Finland is among the highest in the world.
Source: BBC news
Hmm.. I did not know that gun ownership is popular here. I guess the main purpose is for hunting.

However, Finland still remains as one of the most peaceful country in the world.

23 September 08

(Remember about gunfire in last year November?)
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Sunday, September 21, 2008
If traits pass through genetic hierarchy, could it be that the fun I get from writing, came from my father?

My father has not got enough "opportunity" for very high education, you will not be impressed when he talks in dialects, he suffers from lack of words and has to look up in dictionaries often ... but yet, he used to spend hours to know more. I had even seen him trying to read the huuuuge volumes of Bangla children Encyclopedia (!). I believe he could not finish it, but he dared to start. And I have not so far found anyone else having more dictionaries than him. And the way he honors someone having a Ph.D. is amazing.

However, Bangladesh is a tough place and I had seen him getting more and more into the material world. His library stopped getting more books from him. When I started my university studies, I found him almost never having time to read (and write). It was a bit sad, and I have none but a rough society to blame.

Am I talking too much? Am I just praising my father just because I am his son? Well, may be :)

Today I am writing, because I have found that he is still writing. Well, only Bangla readers may try to check it out. It's in today's The Daily Ittefaq (21.10.08, page 5). You can find it here http://www.ittefaq.com/content/2008/09/21/news0071.htm (I had problems to open this using Firefox, use Internet explorer). If you yet have problems with bangla font, you can try this pdf.

It's good to see my father, MD. Abdul Gofur Prodhan, back to writing. I believe he will go back to his reading enthusiasm soon.

21 Septempber 08
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  • At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    I also hope Abbu goes back to reading and writing. I never had 1%patience of him in reading. Do you remember he used to read constantly sitting on the chair on the balcony day after day and night after night constantly. If he goes after something he gets it done. If he can use his strength and patience I'm sure he will do wonder...... Shetu

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I mean who would say these are all myself !!

Image courtesy: Boromama, my uncle in Netherlands, from who I collected some images... some priceless ones !!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I know you probably have been waiting for some pics from my last trip, but you know, sorting over thousand pics will take some time !!

Anyways, did you know about LHC ? Large Hardon Collidor is the biggest physics experiment of human race... funded by and built in collaboration with over eight thousand physicists from over eighty-five countries as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.

This giant will try to recreate situation of big bang and will try to confirm the predictions and missing links of physics and could explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass.

Some even claimed it will create a tiny blackhole and will suck the world into !!

There are immense amount of energy involved, accidents could destroy the planet, claimed by some others. Some scientists have received death threats (source)

Today this morning, 10 September 2008 this machine, is gonna power up!!

Has the world been destroyed?

Check http://hasTheLargeHadronColliderDestroyedTheWorldYet.com/
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Monday, September 01, 2008
2 weeks...
8 new cities...
4 new countries...
One backpack !!(Click on the image to enlarge)

It was full of events, wonders, mistakes, lessons ...
Undoubtedly a great adventure!!!

Finally we are back in Oulu !!

Hope to write about it soon !!

1 September 2008
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