Thursday, April 26, 2007
oh!I almost forgot to tell you that my boxing ( well, actually fitness boxing) training is over ! It was over last monday !

It was really fun ! You can punch as hard as you can ,
If you are depressed or tired, it will surely cheer you up,
after all how often do you get chance to beat something as hardly as u can ;)

There was not much opportunity to take pics, yet I tried to take some quick shots !
Here they are !!
Dhap ! Dhap ! Shup punching !!

The really really cool instructor girl, in complete black dress, is changing the CD track !

Well that's me trying to take some quick pics before the trainging starts!!

Things that I have learnt
  • A girl appears to be really really cool when she knows boxing !
  • Some good techniques to strech the whole body ( now a days I apply those immediately after I wake up )
  • How to place your legs better so that you can punch harder
  • How to start the week ( Monday ) with fresh fun-ful exercise as fitness boxing
  • Finally how to take a "mood" by telling people "You know what! I m going for boxing training tonight" and enjoy their look !!
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