Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 july 2011.. With a 9.4 killo backpack and 3 weeks of holidays... Euro trip begins.. N looks like
it wont be without interesting events. Writing from Turku airport. Wizzair is supposed to take us to Budapest from here.

It was a really quick trip to Turku airport from train station. Usually it takes 40/50 minutes from downtown to airport in a trypical city, but I was surprised to get there in 12/13mins. And then the interesting part began...

It was a deserted airport, no surpise there, because its Finland, I never expect a crowd anyways. The bus dropped us at T1, we are supposed to go to T2. Outside the airport, there was a sign pointing to T2. So we started heading there... N oops.. Where is it? Upstairs? Nop.. There is no building where the sign is pointing to... We asked a lady at some desk... N it turns out to be around a km farther.

Oukay... we started walking... N strange... It seems there is a road only for cars... No pavements for walking... There is a tiny separate pathway.. Leading to nowhere. Well, we thought may be if we follow a little bit and it leads to T2, there must be some sign soon.

But there was no sign until we arrived at some sort of warehouse... Some random dude playing guiter outside the building on a bench...and a few other ppl here n there... Where the hell  is the airport?

Guess what..the old trn out warehouse building turned out to be the airport... We cnt go.inside, the weired looking door is lokced. There was a tiny paper post saying door opens two hours...

It was drizzling very mildly...

I wonder what would hv happended if we ended up here in a stormy day... It would  hv been quite a shock.

Oh one pic I took from phone... Could anybody guess that its inside of an "airport"

I didnt really mind abt all these... I rather enjoyed the surprise... Well... Looks like the adventure already began.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011
For the last few days, I think my most frequently visited page was Google maps (to plan my euro trip)... oh how easy it is now-a-days to plan a trip! Other than making a trip plan, probably everyone has tried to zoom on the roof of their house, or walked around the street using street view. That's fun for a while.

Anyways, while the google car is silently driving by your window, capturing of interesting moments are inevitable. Kids falling... running box...non-stop fun :D

source: streetviewfun

source: streetviewfun

And of course, interesting sightings from the bird above! For example a WWII bomber flying over England !!!?!

image source

But the fun does not come only from these random sightings, Google engineers have enough humor (typical Google style) to put some funny suggestions for your next trip plan!

From China to Taiwan... just swim

From NewYork to Tokyo, Kayak across Pacific ocean

From Lanzhou to Tokyo, Jet ski over the ocean

Long live Google maps!

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