Saturday, June 30, 2007
I like Kate, and I had asked her to bring a gift for me :D

I put her into even more trouble by giving her more requirements...
It has to be polish, so that I can remember Poland
It has to be durable, so she cant bring food :)
It has to be light enough, so that I can it carry with my luggage

I knew it was hard,
Kate asked her friends about that...
they said.. take polish Food !!
Take alchohol
Nop !!
No one could make it, well , except Kate...

She blew me away with Julian Tuwim
It is Polish, absolutely Polish, a famous Polish poet.

Moreover, 'He' can be found only in her city, Łódź

It's light, durable and cool looking on my desk :D

The best part.. rub his nose, and make a wish, it will come true !!!
Great, a polish version of Aladin's lamp !! hehehe

There was a second gift ;)
which I have decided to keep as a secret for a while !
I will take it home with me soon !
Kate, dont tell anyone now :D

I like Kate
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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Time flies...

I feel like it was last week I said Hello to ARDITES,
and It's already time to say Bye now.
I will shut down my ARDITES workstation on Friday, erasing all my files here!

The achievement
(pidgin chat log)
(1:17:59 PM) Toni: no problem. thanks for your good work at Ardites
(1:18:25 PM) Toni: I have got good news about your work there! Very positive feedback! thanks!
(1:18:55 PM) Gagan: oh ! Really ! I was worried myself ! Because I myself dont know what they thought about my work

The ' love ' part
The coffee machine

The ' new ' part
Security policies. It was a nice experience to work in such an organized secured environment.

The ' bad' part
Hmm! Nothing much really ! The only bad part was probably initial slight delay to get a proper workstation. But that is not a big deal at all.

The ' fun ' part
1. I tried 350,000 scoville (terribly hot) sauce.
2. Pekka gave me two chili plants, after we went to try some hot spicy lunch in New Bombay restaurant.

The ' best ' part
The overall experience to work ALONE in a bigger and more organized company with a completely new team.
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Monday, June 25, 2007
Shup always tells this
"If Gagan's head was not tied to his neck, he would probably have lost it by this time"

I am telling this to all now, coz I need a solution for this !
There has to be something that I can do about this !

I have just lost my company phone ( Nokia 6680) , including the sim of course. I was biking (over 4 hours), rested at couple of places and I dont know exactly how or when I lost it.

Last time when I lost my first camera, Kate and Shup were with me. And no one knew what happened. If I had left it on the table someone should see it, if i had dropped it, someone should hear it...

Same thing happened this time. Xia was with me. And she didnt notice anything too :(

Well, I will probably have to pay for it, and it's ok, since I have lost it, I will do it.
But my question is, what can I do so that it doesnt happen next time !!

Somebody help me : ' (
I dont want to loose my money like this

(Guess what, i even asked Sakari, should I give him my current camera, it's better that he uses it than I loose it and someone crap finds it. At least I can borrow 'my' camera from Sakari sometimes )

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  • At 9:06 PM, Anonymous shahan

    khub kharap! (very bad)

    I guess you should use a thin sickle to tie everything up ... :D
    kiddin ...

  • At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    "If his head wasn't attached to his shoulders, he'd've have lost it by now" - Thats what I always say...


Saturday, June 23, 2007
"This sauce will blow you away ! Use it at your own risk !"

When I read this on the bottle, I didnt really give attention. Hah? You are telling me to be carefull about Hotness ? What do you know about spices and hotness :D?

So I took the bottle from one guy of ARDITES, and tried to pour one drop on my finger. It was quite thick and no drop came out. So i used a fork to poke into it and i got a tiny little red stuff just on the tip of the fork. I was about to poke again, to get some more, Pekka said, i think that will be enough !!

hehe , really ? ok let me see. and I put it in my mouth !..

I felt nothing.. i was tapping my tounge to feel more..

There were three guys in the kitchen curiosly watching me.. a few seconds gone.. i was about to say, hmm.. i dont feel anything...

But then whooops!! it started burning !! yes, seriusly burning !!
Suddenly it reached to such level of burning that I didnt expect at all!!
I had a coffee cup in my hand.. but coffee didnt seem to have any effect on that burning..
I even felt my eyes getting wet.. and the nose too..
It lasted over 5 mintues..
yes, It was the stongest hotness I have ever felt...

I have tested kinda similar hotness after eating some coutry side curries, but u have to eat a lot of curry to get this level !

And here I had just put one tiiiiiiiiiiiny drop ( size of the tip of a fork)

Well, later I was checking the picture I took and I read it was 357,000 scoville !! Check this rating !

Scoville rating Type of pepper
15,000,000–16,000,000 Pure capsaicin
9,100,000 Nordihydrocapsaicin

350,000–577,000 Red Savina Habanero

100,000–200,000 Jamaican Hot Pepper
50,000–100,000 Thai Pepper, Malagueta Pepper, Chiltepin Pepper

7,000–8,000 Tabasco Sauce (Habanero)
5,000–10,000 Wax Pepper
2,500–8,000 Jalapeño Pepper

600–800 Tabasco Sauce (Green Pepper)


What is that scoville ?
The Scoville scale is a measure of the "hotness", or more correctly, piquancy, of a chili pepper. These fruits of the Capsicum genus contain capsaicin, a chemical compound which stimulates chemoreceptor nerve endings in the skin, especially the mucus membranes. The number of Scoville heat units (SHU) indicates the amount of capsaicin present. Many hot sauces
use their Scoville rating in advertising as a selling point. The scale is named after its creator, American chemist Wilbur scholville

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Thursday, June 21, 2007
(I just wished to write one post in Bangla... its about a bangla story I read, so non-bd ppl please ignore this post :) )

Ami onek din banglay likhi na. Oneeek din. Ekhon shobdo gulo jorie jacse. English word gulo golay chole achse. Odvut! Manush odvut!

Ekta golpo porlam. Onek din pore golper moddhe "maya" pelam. Kemon odvut ekta "maya"! Manush gula jeno khub porichito, shobdo gulo jeno ageo sunesi emon vabe lekha !! shob cheye boro kotha porichito ekta romanticism !

Hasshokor, but monay hocsilo ei golpo ta ami likhesi !!! ei onuvuti kono golpo pore ei prothom. Keno emon monay holo jani na!

well.. here you go !! Read this during ur coffee time !

Punoshcho: english dukei gelo abar shesh line e
Punoshcho punoshcho: I love this punoshcho word
Punoshcho punoshcho punoshcho: abar english
punoshcho punoshcho punoshcho punoshcho: golpo ta Eamon amake mail korese :)
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  • At 9:02 PM, Anonymous shahan

    porsi .... besi bhalo lage nai :(
    suru ta valoi silo ... kintu pore kemon jani ....

    jauk ga..
    bangla lekha deikha bhalo laglo :D

  • At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    can this have an english translation :-? I heard its a nice story :)

  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger Gagan

    Sorry ! I wish I could do it too !
    but I dont have that patience and time :(

    (if the story were only a few page, I could do that)

    and yah, u heard it right.

    and this is interesting! That you understood what story I talked about in this post, the post was in bangla :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
21 seconds video ! But an amazing moment !!:D
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Monday, June 18, 2007
Again a late post !

There were notices on the walls,
'write your name on your bikes on 5 and 6 june, otherwise the house keepers will take the bikes !' Saija saving hers

Well, trying to guess why on earth??
because the bike garage was full of sooo many bikes, and a looooot of those were owned by none!

I heard every year they do that. And true, after that, the garage looks nice and clean !
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It was last week i guess.. or last last week. Anyways, the time doesnt matter. Listen what happend:)

I was in the bus, going home from work!
I was lazily looking through the window.
and then something happened...
I felt something unusual has happened...
I took my eyes off the window.. looked to and fro to figure out some clues...
Hmm!! What? Everything seems fine..

And then suddenly i realized what made me thinking something was wrong... daaamn...
The bust actually horned!!

It is the first time, after all these months, I have heard a bus blowing horn!!!!!!
Believe me, it's true !
There are usually so less traffic and whatever few are on the road are so strictly following traffic rules, a bus never needs to use the horn!

well, a stupid driver tried to overtake the bus very dangerously and the driver had to use the horn... and I listend the Oulu Bus horn for the first time in my life!
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Sunday, June 17, 2007
For some reason, I have been much more involved with Poland!!
Kate is Polish, a super cool girl.
Bartek is Polish, a super nice guy...
Polish food is great, their weather is great,
and polish people are warmer and 'alive'..
looks like it will be nice to be hooked with Poland...
Shup has been there, and he confirmed it is a fun-ful, eventful, and 'food-ful' place, like a Bangladesh in Europe!!

Hmm... should I try to dig more into this news then??
Poland to recruit Bangladeshi workers
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  • At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Bartek

    Hey man!
    Don't wait long and just come to experiance our country's hospitality!! We can't wait!

    Maybe book your flight to Dhaka somehow through Poland and stay here few day?! It would be great!!


  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger fabisia

    "like a Bangladesh in Europe..." I like the sound of that :)

    just come and see for yourself man! we really can't wait!


  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger Gagan

    U seee, their warm and quick response ;)

    Gotta be there :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007
To get more people more amazed...
I have started !!

Using my full name ( aBDULLAH aL mazed) and you know... to "amaze"'s fun!

well it will come to this blog now, just like !! But this one is easy to remember and I love to "aamaze" ppl :D and people tend to love .com word


Are you thinking to buy a .com domain too? Tell me, I can forward it to my friend Mizan. He runs a business :)
I bought and from him. If you need testimonials, I can give you one!
So, just mail to me, i will forward to him!
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Four things I like of a kid
1) Girl kid
2) of size till my knee
3) With scarf covering only the top ( not the whole of the hair) / completely open fluffy hair
4) Concentrating fully on something
This kid had all !!!!
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Friday, June 15, 2007
We went to the sea beach ...29 May, after saying bye bye to Xia in train station

And it was deadly beautiful !! Can you beleive that it's not a photshop effect ??

We climbed up ... the old lighthouse

Such wonderful blending of colors!!!
Saija, grabbing the railing to prevent the wind snatching her away

I was amazed!!

How wonderful could it possibly be !!
Sakke, thanks a lot for driving us there !
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Thursday, June 14, 2007
One summer evening...lets check around and let me show you how wrong your idea is about Finland, how opposite it is from -30 degree snow whiteness!!

There is a bike path behind my building, near the lake

After a few minutes we can reach my favorite route... it is not a concrete road anymore !

On our left side will be the wonderful lake!!

And the lake is always soooo beautiful !!

And there are birds!!


On our right side are dreamlike houses

And everywhere is soo green, soo bright !!

Now let me show you the city center too...
Lets take the bus..

you will see how great it is when you see a bright day beside your bus window

You will the grass flowers..plenty of them

Flowers...every where

And more blending...

More flowers with water fountains!

And more birds !!

Hope you enjoyed the ride :)
Lets bike around together soon another time!
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  • At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Bartek

    I havn't seen finnish summer :( i have to come back one day to experience it :)

    Thanks for a ride man!!

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Gagan

    I think summer of 2/3 months in Finland is sooo beatiful that it balances the looong dark winter!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Pearl Jam Europe tour is co-incidentially in Poland !! Kate is in Poland !!
And it has been years of Shup's dream to be in Pearl Jam's concert !
So no less reason to pack up and fly there, and thats exactly what shup did with a one week vacation:)

Also he is gonna meet one of his best friends Leon (after around 4 years !!) and his wife ( whom Shup has not met yet)

He left last saterday, and will be back here next saterday.

And oh this is Shup, with Saija's glasses :D .. haha... didnt match at all Shup..
its for roundish faces
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Guys, Have you seen the movie "A beautiful Life"...
Life would not be same if you were not born.
There is a chain of effects when some one does something... an ever lasting effect.

I never thought to start 'working' during my studies. I liked programming and started coding just for fun.

One day, loong time before, I was waiting in the queue for the lift in the university. And I dont know why, Sabur vai came and queued behind me. That was the first time we met and he wanted me to come and meet Mikko !

Well, if I start tracking back, how I ended up in Finland, I will surely come to that day...Sabur vai meeting me!

Happy Birthday Sabur vai !
Happy happy birthday !

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It was a 10 second taxi ride !!! costed 5euro 15 cents !

I took this picture just after the taxi took a U turn as we got it.

Do you see that red building in the picture?? That's where we stopped.

Why the hell we took a taxi to go there ? Ask Shup !!
He was carrying his huge computer, and after reaching the taxi stand from bus stop, he was saying, he couldnt hold it any more...

So a 10 seconds taxi ride !!

Interesting part:
Shup was holding the computer with his last breaths!!
He was standing beside the taxi driver and trying to explain ..."Nummikatu !! Nummikatu !!" ( the road name )
Taxi driver could not think that we actually wanted his taxi to go there .. he was rather pointing us the direction.. thinking us as lost tourists :D
Poor shup!!
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  • At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Hmm, seems like Gagan was only busy with taking pictures and making up a spicy story. Poor Shup carrying so much load... Gagan, why didn't you give his some hands...

    But anyway, it was funny :)


  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Gagan

    No no !! I tried! I asked him 'let me try to carry the rest !'

    But u know what !! He told me, I wont be able to hold it !!

    And u know what more?? I actually had to carry it a few days later to repair it!!


Follow the rainbow, you will find the treasure where it ends !!
Check this..

(isnt this sooooo beautiful.. check there are two rainbows.. check the sky texture)

Birds probably following the trail ;)

and 27th May... I came to know the secret... treasure is in the factory !!!

Rainbow is starting/ending from the factory building !!

Well, I m not sure about the treasure, but I was sure to be wondered.. it was such a wonderful rainbow!
This was the other side of the view !! Extremely wonderful lighting!!
( Didnt I tell you before, I feel like the sky is quite down here)

Well interestingly, this rainbow lasted for soooo long time that I got bored ( yap) looking at it, started watching Naruto again. After a while it disappered.

And then again...whooops !! another unbelievably colorful rainbow

It was like someone had mistakenly thrown a bucket of red color near it !! So reddish ! So weired!

The cloud was red, the raindbow was red, the lake was red

I dont rememeber if I ever saw two rainbows one after another, with only a gap of an hour or so !!! and such long lasting rainbows !! beautiful beautiful beautiful ones !!
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  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Bartek

    Those red rainbows looks really amaizing!!

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Gagan

    Never saw anything like that before. I wish you were here with your camera ZOOMED !

Friday, June 08, 2007
Have you ever faced a situation when you want to burst in laugh, but cannot ? May be you were in classroom, infront of your teacher or in a meeting, or in an elevator ( Elevator is for some reason very tickling for me..hehe)

But this lady !!! WHOOPS!! She burst out and could not stop!!
Sooo funny !!
I laughed like hell its ur turn

Here is the video.. 54 seconds only..(you need to turn the speakers on first)

Ok.. I am editing this post agian to add one more. I have been watching TV news/live show bloopers for hours. Couldnot is one that is really embarrassing..the host laughed loudly at the guest, probably because the guest had a weired voice.. and OMG..there was a lady crying.. quite serious talkings and whoppps..he burst out .. check the end of this 1.5min video
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  • At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Bartek

    Hi man, I'm not sure you have seen it:

    for me the best laugh ever :D both mine and that guy's ;D

    take care :)

  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Hi Bartek !!

    Yah I have seen that before:D
    Many many times...

    enooh enooh enooh


  • At 6:13 AM, Blogger Shup

    You will like this one too then!!!

  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Gagan

    hehe Shup.. I saw this before too.. but could like that much :D

Sunday, June 03, 2007
You better watch this video !
At the begining it may look a little confusing... but keep watching.. it ends very well..

Original source

Hey, dont read forward until you see the video !

You should have already known I have the arachnophobia, I cannot stand spiders, something cold rushes through my back bone when I look at them, If i force myself to stare at them, soon all the hairs of my whole body stand up, my breathing gets irregular and i want to scream !!!!!

I may end up with a heart attack !


Saimon & Rahin for sending me the link
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