Sunday, July 19, 2009
I guess one of the most surprised moments of a person is to hold a newly created life... when a mother first holds the newly born baby... I think it's one moment that I will never understand as a man... and one moment thinking of which will always make me say, may be it would have been nice to have a life without Y chromosome as a woman.

My sister is probably having the best moments of her life at this very moment... holding her new born baby. She was telling me over phone, she does not understand how come the baby could be so cute? She was whispering the baby was looking at her. I heard the amazing pride whe she said, the baby is crying as soon as someone is taking off her hands.

I heard the baby crying a little over phone, and for a brief short moment, my whole body shivered. I have become 'Mama'... and I now have a 'Vagne'... it's the ultimate greatest amazing relationship in our culture... I am supposed to become the funniest, most entertaining person to that boy and his expectations from me is supposed to be limitless and I am supposed to fulfill all... it's an amazing feelings that just suddenly overwhelmed me.

My feelings is probably kinda ignorable compared to the feelings my sister and her husband are having... Yet it's a lifetime experience. I was awake the whole last night alone, being so far from the new born does not really bring the environment, but I love to imagine now, I am holding my own sister's baby with the utmost amazement... and the kid with its tiniest body is looking at me!!

"Hello mama" !! :')

19 July 2009
Oulu, Finland
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  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger eamon

    Big congrates!!! Yes, its really a nice feeling to become an uncle.

    But I am wondering how come it is possible to have a life with XY chomosome as a woman :-? As per my knowledge females have XX pair as their sex chromosome while men have one X and another Y chromosome. I don't know if I didn't get what you wanted to say; my english is really poor :P


  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Gagan

    Upss... my bad !!

    I think I was typing too fast and somehow mixed that sentence up.

    Thanks Eamon :)

  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Hallo Mama,

    Congratulations to the happiest Mama of this world.

    Just now talked with Shetu.
    Understand you've already got a photo of your little( big ! ) Mama. Hope you will share it with
    us soon.
    Greetings to you both,

  • At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Rifat Mursalin


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Friday, July 17, 2009
I just tried a 3D demo with Nvidia 3D vision. I must say I was quite impressed.

Here is what is required.

First I tried the Nvidia demo application. There was a '3D' logo rotating and running 'into the screen' and coming out (z axis). I was just 'ok' kinda impressed with it. But then suddenly the logo jumped 'out of the screen'. I saw the logo rotating between the monitor and me!! It appeared to float totally 'outside' of the monitor. Cool !

Then I tried the Burnout paradise with the glasses on. Neat ! Even though the 3D vision crashed a few times (and I just had to restart the game), but it felt nice to drive through the roads that appeared like really spreading into the 3D space!

Then I watched few minutes of a short 3D animated movie with it. Quite interesting!

However, I kinda felt a bit weired with my eyes. It may be because I had to put on the 3D glasses on top my own glasses or may be because it was just a new experience. But surely if I would continue for a few hours, at least I would develop a headache (well, I am kinda sensitive with my vision anyways).

This I found from Nvidia web

This technology has a long way to go and it surely does hold a great potential to gamer's world.

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Monday, July 13, 2009
Before I joined my university, I was wondering about the same question.. what the heck is the difference between a computer scientist and a computer engineer? Well, couldn't find a nice answer about it. Even while studying, the answer didn't reveal itself clearly.

I have recently found an interesting article about it.

I don't believe this article is complete...this guy talked only about 'programming' side and did not talk anything about hardware related stuffs. However, yet, I think the article worths a quick reading.

To explain the difference between science and technology, I always refer to the fact that all nations now know the science of nuclear power plants, not all are capable to build it.This guy also dragged a similar example
It took a handful of scientist to come up with an atom bomb, but it took countless of engineers to work out everything else
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Thursday, July 09, 2009
Gmail has finally dropped down its beta gown, after 5 looong years. I don't really know if any company had kept a beta tag for soo song for such a popular product.

One of the bad things of beta services is that, they have the right to stop it without any hassle. Just like few days back I got an email, "Google pages" will be taken off, so all the files that I have uploaded there will be gone!

So it's kinda good to know that Gmail is no longer beta.

After all, I love Gmail :)
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  • At 5:15 PM, Blogger eamon

    Really good to hear that. Who will be more sad than me if Gmail vanishes someday? :)

Friday, July 03, 2009
Have you ever went to some fancy coffee place and got confused with so many nice and pretty names and chose one just because the name sounded fancier than others?

Here this handy illustration nicely shows how they are actually made !

Source: lokeshdhakar

This pic even tells how to pronunciate the names, may be it can save you from an embarrassing moment to say the name when you order next time ;)
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Thursday, July 02, 2009
I am sure my friends at Dhaka is hoping every day so that the sun does not burn the city to an almost hell, but here is a different picture!!

The weather was soo sunny for the past two weeks, allowing people roam around without jacket! It was great! I could feel the whole city happy when the sun was shining, people were in light bright colorful cloths, market places full of music and laughter..

I found the perfect quote for that, on the back of a guy's tea shirt in the super market..

So Hot It's Cool

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