Thursday, November 30, 2006

I havenot noticed that, but this is a great co-incidence !!

The "New look" post was 100th post !!!

let me say it this way "A NEW LOOK ON THE CELEBRATION OF MY 100 POSTS!


(From 101th post)
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hye !!!!
Do you like the new look?

I was kinda upset today.
Felt extremely tired and sleepy but, couldnt sleep !!
So i decided to spend the whole night doing something fun!

Well, I dint design it from scratch!
(fish fish) .. Had a lot of copy-paste!

So.. comment please !

Which look should I keep ?
This one? Or should I go back to old one?

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  • At 4:27 AM, Blogger Sadiq

    Obviously this look...this is more "3D"sh...:)

  • At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    notun jinish.... tai dekhte valoi lagtese... but too difficult to advice about wht configuration U shd maintian... dekho tomar konta valo lage....

  • At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    'ga' te gagan to bujlam..
    choto belay 'ga' te ki jeno porsilam ..?
    mone portese na... ;)


    anyway, keep the new look.

  • At 8:13 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Arey Rashuuuuuuuuu !!!!
    Hey, I didnt know u read my web!!?
    If I knew u read, I wouldnt probably write that "Ga te ...." !! hehe!!

    Anyways, Good to know ur suggestion!
    (Fin ppl "usually" say this :"sug-ge-shon" not "suz-ze-shon")


  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Gagan

    "Sadiq" vai..

    Sadhe ki ar tomake "3D-wala" daki?hahah haha.. "3D-wala"..hehehe


  • At 9:35 PM, Blogger shahan

    are gagan ...
    ami to chomkaiya gesilam ....

    koyekdin por dhuika vablam amar monitor er color hotath gelo ga naki ? he he ...

    bhalo lagtese ...
    koyekdin rekhe dao ...


Monday, November 27, 2006
Flash games are always alltime favorites when u r tired in the office ;) or tired of browsing.
But i didnt know they have advanced so far !
in so cool 3D !!!

You need to install flash player

Open game "Pizza Hot"

Here is another one...
After the game starts, press "P" to pause the game, and check out the effect !!!!

Open game "Castle 2"

By the way, All games are from
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  • At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    'ga' te gagan to bujlam..
    choto belay 'ga' te ki jeno porsilam ..?
    mone portese na... ;)


    anyway, keep the new look.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I cannt believe that I am writing this, but, yes, I have had vegetables as my dinner !
And its not that I had nothing else, I cooked vegetables for myself !!!

And I cannt believe this too, they were actually good !! I mean tasty !

It had potatoes, green peas, baby corn, carrots, green bean, lentils etc etc. I fried them! I dont think i can yet eat them just boiled:D ( Which is probably the healthiest).

And y on earth I tried this?
I am getting unbeleivably bulky !
Also, no one is gonna force me to eat vegetables here, so I gotta take care of myself !
As far as i know myself, I wont be able to continue this spirit :)
But lets see how long !

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The pyarmids are the green houses !

Unfortuntely it was closed , and I couldnt enter, but outside the pyramid are open botanical garden, and a great amount of plants are trees are supposed there!

But in winter, they all died into ghosts !!
So they have to rebuild the whole garden for summer!!!
Thats a big job !

well, I have spent good time shooting pics ! And unfortunately I set ISO to 400, which should have been 200, and there were noise in all pics:(

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He calls himself codemonkey!
My co-worker, a great coder, Tuomas in IronMaiden tea shirt.

No ! These are not big size bullets!
This is a box of Chochlates.
The shell of those bullet looking things, are dark cholchlate or Vanilla or white chochlate, inside is cream !
No idea why, they were once called, Nigger's kiss !!
Whatever they are called, they are great when you bite:D

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Hei I forgot to tell you about my room , and changes I made in it!

Here is my table.. with new lamp ! ( Hey, Kate! Thaaank you ! It gives me great white light !)
The blue mouse pad is basically the place where I put my camera on!
The red biscuit box is where I leave all supermarket bills.
Check The plastic box on the right-bottom, I made 4 cells in it with pizza box paper and tapes.
I put my webcam, headphones, mp3 player, USB cable for camera, USB cable for my cell phone, Bluetooth cable, Nokia headphone in separated cubes in that box !! Cause I was having real trouble with all these wires tangled with each other.

And the laptop is set on two folder towels, to create empty space under it ! I think this will help the cooling fan of the laptop at the bottom of it.

My bed, enuogh space as a single person lying on the double bed:D
As u can notice, I moved my bed next to the window.
Now I sleep facing my head where the sun should rise in the morning.
The daylight is now only for around 4 hours and the rest is all darkness !!
This is a try to ensure more daylight on my eyes:)

(Hey, check my laptop screen, after taking picture, I noticed this !! Something crashed, there is a message on the display !! Haha! WINDOWS !!!)

And my relaxation corner, with ginger cookies!
Oh! By the way, that ball is for "vollyball"

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Friday, November 24, 2006
Here the images are appearing in small sizes. Click on an image to see in full size!

Mohakhali Bus Stand !!

hey !! Mohakhali fly over ! ( Click on the image to see full size)

Kakoli ( Click on the see full size). Check out the over bridge in the red circle.

Well...well.. cant u recognize? The yellow mark is the Banani market ! Do I have to tell where does that red arrow goes??:D

And here is my home !! The yellow cross is the Ramna park and "Matsha Vaban" ! The red mark is my home !! Sweet home !! Good to see that !

Looks like They have updated Bangladesh images too.
You can surely find your roof top.. Try !
Also check out Khulna, Chittagong, St. martin.. Cool !




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Thursday, November 23, 2006
( Click on an Image to see in full size)


well this was first ever compilation. It took me 34 shots to finally get this.. I think i managed to get the refection, lighting, the clock on focus, and the calendar out of focus..
Taken manually, Shutter speed 1/13sec, Aperture F2.6, ISO 200,Focal length 52mm, Flash off.

I am not going to describe this way for later pics. If you are interested, go to my album, link is given at the end of this page, download a pic, and check propertis of the file...all the settings that I have set to the picture will be available there..and unless i mention, no image processing software has been used..

One interesting thing.. I tried to take the same pic in Auto mode.. hehe.. it was a disaster, it assumed it is too dark, so it flashed..also the calendar came into focus and no reflection of the clock appeared..

Lighting 1

Lighting 2


"I wish I could write you ALL with my pen"

Also here is the album slide show... "Around my life"
The album's link is available on the rightside bar you check whenever u want !!

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  • At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Nadia

    Congratulations Bhaiya
    i dont know why, but i also felt happy when i saw u holding the camera.
    may b it assured me that from now on, ur posts would me more detailed as not only ur words but also the pictures would almost take us to u in Finland to enjoy everything together.
    well i liked the "Lighting 1" picture most.the lighting and focusing was really brilliant.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
I consider it a milestone !
Every time when my 'dream' comes true, it is a milestone for me!
Coz, No matter how small it is, I dreamt for it till it came true!

The camera has arrived.
I felt so happy when handshaked with the Delivary girl !
Her smile seemed so heartly !

I think i was trembling when i was bringing the box through the lift !

Now I am holding it.

To many of you, probably its cost will mean nothing.
But to me, it means a lot...
My camera, brought with every single penny of mine.

22 November , 2006, Wednesday
Yliopistokatu 16 A 706
I called DHL office at 10:41 to fix up the delivary time..we agreed on 16:00
I left office early enough at 15:12 to receive my package home!
The delivery girl called to my cell from ground floor at EXACTLY 16:17
Now it is 20:53

and here is the history from DHL .. i just want to save it..

hese are the results of your query

Times given are local to the service area in which the shipment checkpoint is recorded


Service Area

Service Area


Paris - France
Oulu - Finland
Signed for by: MAZED
Shipment delivered November 22, 2006 16:17

1723013725 - Detailed Report

Location Service Area
Checkpoint Details

November 21, 2006


Paris - France
Shipment picked up
November 21, 2006


Paris - France
Departing origin
November 21, 2006


Paris - France
Departed from DHL facility in Paris - France
November 21, 2006


Paris - France
Arrived at DHL facility in Paris - France
November 21, 2006


Paris - France
Departed from DHL facility in Paris - France
November 22, 2006


Brussels - Belgium
Arrived at DHL facility in Brussels - Belgium
November 22, 2006


Brussels - Belgium
Departed from DHL facility in Brussels - Belgium
November 22, 2006


Arlanda - Sweden
Arrived at DHL facility in Arlanda - Sweden
November 22, 2006


Arlanda - Sweden
Departed from DHL facility in Arlanda - Sweden
November 22, 2006


Vaasa - Finland
Arrived at DHL facility in Vaasa - Finland
November 22, 2006


Vaasa - Finland
Departed from DHL facility in Vaasa - Finland
November 22, 2006


Oulu - Finland
Arrived at DHL facility
November 22, 2006


Oulu - Finland
With delivery courier
November 22, 2006


Oulu - Finland
Shipment delivered
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Wel, I love chochlates !
The risk of getting fat ( which i am already i guess :( ) cant stop me.

But have you ever thought of chochlate bar with chilli mixed with ??!

Here is the one !
Look at the chilli pic on the pack !

Big thanks to Max, he actually bought two ! And didnt like it. And asked me if i would like to try !

believe me !! It was damn good !!

U feel a little hot on your tongue when the chochalte melts..
Delicious !

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Who wants to work under this CEO :D
At least i dont !!
Crazy !!

Probably, you have already seen this video.. here it is again.. Steve Baller, CEO of Microsoft, performing a monkey dance on Microsoft 25th Anniversary.

Here is the 1 min video.

Here is his famous episode.. Man!! This guy is insane!! is the final composition
If u have slow speed, click play and wait long enought till it is fully loaded.. u will have fun, gurantee:D

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Monday, November 20, 2006
In every breath i m missing my camera !
When the hell is it coming ??

It's stuck in the preparation process !!
The 1GB memory card is not in stock !!
Damn !!!

Order Status N° CCL066587083



Your package is in the process of being prepared by our logistics department and will be sent as quickly as possible.

Current availability
Ord. Qty
Waiting to be delivered
Qty Del.
Fuji FinePix S5600 Zoom In stock 1 1 0
Fuji xD 1 Gb memory card Available within 8-10 days 1 0 0
EFORCE V900 PC22 Charger LR6(AA) + 4 rechargeable NiMH LR6(AA) batteries 2500 mAh In stock 1 1 0
Pixmania PIX bridge case 15 x 9 x 11cm black In stock 1 1 0

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Crossing my finger !!!!!!!
It will reach by DHL within 2 days ! ( There is a weekend in the, it may take 1 more day !)
I am feeling a damn excitement and tension !!
It has been a dream !!
Its gonna be true !!
And with my money !! My very own !!

Bought it online from

17 November 2006
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  • At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    hello gagan bhaiya
    its me nadia
    this is the first time i entered ur web page
    and u know what? i could not stop myself reading ur descriptions untill i finished them all
    u r really awesome in writing
    could almost picture them as i read
    good job
    i think i would be continuing to read them so dont forget to write everyday

  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Warm Welcome Nadia!
    Good to see you here :)
    I am flying high to hear that you have liked it.
    Great !!

    I will keep my eyes open to post more !

    Enjoy !!


Monday, November 13, 2006
Those who have envied me watching me controlling my desktop while lying down on the bed, using my phone..
It's great to inform u, that u can do it with ur Java enabled phone !!

Try !!

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I have sent 6 euro 73 cents to Shupantha's account !!
I clicked the button "Accpet payment" and shouted, "Shup ! Sent !!!"


Shup was holding his mouse on the refresh button of his browser.
On my shout, he clicked on it !! And IMMEDIATELY it came !!

And.. here is the result..

(Click to enlarge)

Check that amount !!

Shup ! Kazi Shupantha Imam !! Salut !!
A big Hug !!
Congratulation Man !! A great Milestone !!

And thanks for allowing to me save this MILESTONE on my web !

November 13, 2006,
11:50 Nummikatu 34, Oulu,
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He had a great style ..
He was "koool"

But now !! ( Dont ask me the reason) he has started .. what he calls it... "Jalalian Style" :D

Here is Jalal vai from Dhaka

yet Different "koool"
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  • At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Jalal

    Thanx for uploading a real grt pic i always enjoyed. I decide to bald once in a week but after 2 round i have to stop it bcoz my brothers weeding evening coming soon :(

  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger Gagan

    I cant decide what I should say, Jalal :D
    Is it bad ? coz u cannot make it "shiny" anymore,
    or is it good? coz, I HOPE, lil kids wont cry away by looking at u?



Liked the songs!

(This is copyright protected item, so please buy the CD.)
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

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  • At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    gagan bhaiya
    tomer kobitata sotti khuuuub shundor
    the main thing is u can make others feel what u are feeling inside with this poem
    its really nice
    but ekta chotto negative comment kori
    rag koro na
    tomer kobitata khub shundor banglae likha kintu ek jaegae tumi "plz" word ta use korecho
    thats kind of break s the rythm of the poem
    rag kor na, ami jani kobi ja likhe tai kobita. even meanigless word o oneke use kore, but that was my honest opinion.
    ami nadia
    shanil;a apur kache amer naam shune thakte paro ami or sathe office kori
    na shune thakle u can ask her abt me
    plz reply me if u can and tell me what u felt abt my negative comment honestly.
    my mail address

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The gang !!
They are going back to their safe house after having some fun !
They are smart, they are tough...
The BASE gang !

( This was taken after the our office guys were returning to office , after taking a lunch, and enjoying an exibition of old console games )

It's a a very rare pic..
ONE) it's rare that so many members of the gang go out TOGETHER at the same time
TWO) it's rare to find such WIDE FOOTHPATH
THREE) It's rare that the members walked SIDE BY SIDE together

8 November 2006
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Cannt remember what were we talking about..

Sakari overheard us from the toilet and suddenly came out to comment something about it ..

As usual, like the western cowboy, i quickly moved my hand, dragged my cell phone and fired !!

Funny pic haha..Sakari caught with Shaving foam !! Hey buddy, U'll look the same when u'l grow old and will have white beard :D

7 November 2006
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After we came out from Volyball court, Tarang ( Srilankan) shouted.. hey my bike !!

We found a bike lying dead on the snow!
Check the front wheel of the bike in the pic !

We ran to take a closer look, and then Tarang said, Hey, this is not mine !Where is mine !


We found his bike on the street. Someone dragged it over there.
It has a superb lock, so they couldnt take it .. and left it there !


I guess it was someone drunk whose bike had some probs.
So he broke his bike out of anger and tried to take Tarang's bike.
But he failed because of the lock and left it on the street !

It was Friday night.
The night before weekend starts.
Yah, madness night .. so no wonder..
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I found this picture while browing my pictures folder...
A happy girl's dancing legs..

I wont claim that i am a good protographer..
But I will admit, yes, I love taking pictures..
Quick shots !

Another little dancing girl on the street.. It's absolutely great when u find someone on street happy and so happy that he/she doesnt mind dancing without any care ! ( I toke this picture from a running bus)

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