Friday, March 30, 2007
Man suits himself to anything...
Sometimes it takes little time, sometimes years, but he changes himself finally to suit the situation.

Again, once your are suited, you feel bored.
Changes then bring fun.

The whole week was all bright and warm..

This morning, a sudden shower of snow, gave me a little change.

It was sweet


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  • At 6:53 AM, Anonymous JALAL

    Ki moja ki moja
    borof pore sada sada
    .........ghum ase na? borof porte dekhle?


  • At 5:46 AM, Blogger Doyita

    snow? are they depressing? y men want change dude?

Hullut Päivät - Crazy days.

I would like to say, if you want to count the population of Oulu, now u stand infront of the entrance gate of the supermarket Stockmann and u will know how many ppl live in the town. I guess every one is going there, some more than once ( I belong to this group:D)

Stockmann gives crazy sale twice a year.( Including plane tickets, for example, tickets to go to Delhi from Fin and coming back is 395 euros where normally it is at least 615 euros !! HOlly shit !! Such a sale !! )

It started on wednesday at 8 in the morning, when some yellow dancing ghosts were inviting ppl to come in. The ghosts became still and stood inside later.

I finally felt Finland actually has some population !!

Banners with good deals. U can guess ... 320 GB external USB hard drives ( on the right) at 100 euros ( 8,800 tk only)

Ppl checking CDs in crowd. I believe some ppl will buy a lot of things justbecause they are in half price now, even though they are not sure if they actually need those !!

And here is the best part.. the bus stand.. count the ppl and the number of yellow bags :D

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Thursday, March 29, 2007
we ( me, Shup, Bartek ) were 4 mins late, so we could not enter the symphony concert...
They told us we could enter after the half-time-break, which is after 35 mins.

It was a symphony concert, i was waiting to hear some peaceful classical symphonies.
While waiting outside, i could already hear some nice music playing inside.

Well, we entered after the half time. And guess what, they started making noises..

A bunch of nicely suited guys and even more nicely dressed women were just making noises, lead by a proudly instructing composer !

It was all sharp notes, trying to create a feelings of tensions.

And to my death, there was a huge white screen over their heads where they were projecting some "multimedia" stuffs. That simply sucked !

The empty auditorium is much better looking and much more " peaceful " !!

I guess i have to go to the next symphony concert, so that at least I dont have such bad impression about Oulu's orchestra!

And if that is the type of "modern symphony", then i will say , i hate modern symphony.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
The most painful face-hit i have seen so far...
( I wonder if he had dental insurance for all his teeth)

Very Painful Face Plant - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!
( you need shockwave flash)
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He jumped.
It was like over two weekends..every friday night i was telling him, who knows, may be this is the last night of your life. Coz next day u r gonna jump !! and..

Well.. he finally jumped this time.

How is he now?

Listen from him ( Post: Falling high)
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Monday, March 26, 2007
At first the crowd did not respond to the giveaway. Their senses dulled by the long wait, and the fact most of them had been made to stand in a darkened corner of the shop for about two hours, meant it took a few seconds before they realised they were each walking away with a free television.|

The first customers of sony playstation 3, in London, were given away free 46'' latest flat screen TV and a free taxi ride.

It was not announced before. No clue !!

It seems 125 TV sets worth around £250,000 ($500,000) were given away.
Guyz, i cant but i m burning in jealousy !!

Here are the lucky ppl !!
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(This post will be boring to most, yet... this is just an update for some)

Rahin, one among the very very very few friends of mine, brought a new electric guitar :D

Good to see that !!!

Tell me one thing, which one happened first ? first you bought the guitar and then u decided to make urself looking like a .. like a vagabond?
or you first looked like a vagabond and to suit better u bought the guitar ??:D

When i come back, you gotta play something rocking !! U gotta !! Otherwise... :@

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36 years old u r !! Yet fighting hard with uncountable problems...

But we are trying dear, we will try, we will take more ppl like us with us..

One day !! One day !! You will be honored with pride !!

With best wishes !!

Happy birthday Bangladesh !!

(image: newspaper,

26th March it is !!
The independence day !
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Sunday, March 25, 2007
It is over 150 days, days without the smell of my home.

I changed a lot during this time, ppl change.
But the most obvious changes are probably the habbits.
Yet, I dont want to loose myself being a "kid".

Today after a refreshing volyball game, I came home, threw myself on the chair, next to the mirror. I looked to my right, and I found there a boy, that seemed to be a little unknown.

I kept staring at him...through the mirror.
It was still looking like a kid, but not much as I used to know..
the eyes were the same, still they had more depth than i knew..
there were not much silly smile was on the face !!
He was thinking more rational... I could not find much of spongebob in the whole appearance !

I am not homesick. It's not the reason I am writing this.

For a while, I have just lost my purpose.
I have started running a long time before, I am running still..
But suddenly I m feeling like I forgot why and when I started running.. it is already a looong time I have been running..
May be i m a little tired and that's why I cannot remember where am I supposed to go.

Well, I m still running !

And I m still throwing sweet candies to my fellow runners when they seem tired.
I am still throwing the same to the ppl i dont know, in case they cheer up themselves and give me back a smile.

Of course, sometimes, I just loose my candies, some ppl just take it and never understand or thank, some ppl even ignore it and throw it away, what a wastage. and Of course, some are still with me, even if I dont give candies often. They are not many, but who needs many of them?

I am still running.. I dont care much about the candies. Coz i can make candies, different flavors for different ppl, almost all of which are sweet ( I find it easier than making some bitter or sour ones), sometimes I make bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes it takes me months to make a special one for someone special, sometimes i make it really fast skipping others', when someone badly needs some sweet.

I think i will keep throwing my candies.

Coz, I m still running!
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  • At 10:16 AM, Blogger Doyita

    We dont throw candies expecting them back rite buddy? so even if some are wasted, smile and throw more, done regret over it, bcoz unlike candies, feelings are never wasted:)

  • At 10:58 AM, Blogger Gagan


Saturday, March 24, 2007
Hello !!!!!

All my friends !!

Again a new look, so far this template is the best, took the most effort, took one more person:)

It was created from scratch, all the images were created by Shup :)

we both were absolutely bored in the office today, then we did it.

So how is the new template???

( check out the tape that we are using to paste a pic on the diary, coooool , ha? ha ?? )
A great many thanks to Shup again :)
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Friday, March 23, 2007
It's really really interesting how ppl end up at my blog !
Remember last time, some one from U.S. searched for 'Is Gagan a woman's name'?

Ok, this time, one dude (from U.S. again) searched google with

"Gagan flowers"

why ? :D

Dont know, but you can check what comes after googling "Gagan flowers"..

And here is another guy,

Could u try to guess what he was looking for by searching

"Hot antti vanillas blood come"

Strange query i must say, even stranger that google finds my page !!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
That is a banana peel !!
Two years before Shup threw it on the street, inside a tree fench ( on mid-top).
A test subject, how long it can survive !!

Two years later... only wind, rain and melted ice brought it outside the fench !
But tt is yet not vanished !!

Is that possible? Two years ???
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Since now I have a new cubicle, I decided to "personalize" it !

Well, you surely know how I would like to do that:)
With My two favorite favorite characters.. Spongebob and Garfield :D

I couldnt do it before coz our printer was shitty, and didnt have any red color, now we have a new color printer too.

So here is what you will see in my cubicles:)

On the left .. Garfield

Sleeping is my favorite sport

In the middle, a text page (Full of spongebob quotes) of different sizes of fonts... Just to exercise my eyes after looking at the stupid monitor for hundred minutes.
(click to enlarge to read spongebob)

And on the right, spongebob poster :D

I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly !!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Google bought adscape ( not a big company yet) !

Adscape has an idea of of advertising with plot and storyline integration in a game.

For those who are not interested in this post, just ignore it please :)
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Mikko carried one package for me from dhaka!
It was full of spices and some teashirts , a heaphone, and my graduation certificate copy!!

A huuuuuuuuuuuuge pack !

New tea shirt !
This tea shirt costed 40 taka ( 31 cents ?)!
Mom sent another tea shirt 600 tk ( !!!!! ) , which is actually quite worse than this !!

Hey, how do i look?

Thanks ammu
Thanks Rahin
Thanks Mikko :)

( oh oh, in that pic , Hakki is on the left bottom corner, he has made his nest on my fan)
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  • At 12:48 PM, Blogger MD.

    Aso to moje
    fu dile maje
    bd theke lok ase
    jinis potro nia ase
    fit fat pose maro
    einar samne camera dhoro
    blog site jai vhore.


  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Uribbas !!


13 March, foggy ( My window)

15 March , sleepery! Ice has almost vanished. ( Office lane)

16 March, Raining ( !! ) ( Bus stop near home)

17 March! Wonderful wonderful bright morning !! ( My window)

18 March, Almost like a summer !! Look at the burning sun !!( Highway from car)


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Changing the decoration is always great!
Specially if u spend some more money :D

Now we have a cool ( actually we had a cool office, now its cooler) office !

We have bought new stuffs !!

Aseembling them !! Harri with Hammer !! Downstair's guys, use ear plug !
Markus (in green shirt ) with tremendous concentration!
(by the way, the white shirt dude is Jukka, our new technical head)

Guys, Type! Type ! Faster ! Faster !
Markus and in front him Tuomas.

Peeping into the codemonkey's hole !
( He is having a great time with dual monitor, with a looot of space for loots of windows)

Here is where I will sit from today!
Yap, only I have a fan. ( In Finland too, I need colder place:D)
Dont forget how I used to sit hugging the air conditioner

Great place it is now !
And soon ( hopefully ) we will get even better chairs.


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Monday, March 19, 2007

We planned tight !!!

We roared fearlessly!!

We used all the strengths we had !!

Yes, it is a great victory !
The young teens knocked 'em down with a deadly attack.

yes, we came out in the streets to celebrate !! ( Midnight , Dhaka University)

Yes, we are crazy for cricket, A woman dressed up in Bangladeshi flag color ( in Saree) skating ( !!!) and celebrating !!

Indian fans !! burning , smashing posters to express themselves

If you are yet not sure how important this cricket is for those south-asian countries, listen to this..
Om Prakash Paridwal publicly shaved off his head Sunday, a day after India lost.
Around two hundred fans under the banner of the Jharkhand Yuva Morcha (JYM) attacked the house of Dhoni ( Indian player)
Ramparvesh Rai, 17, an emotionally-charged student and a die-hard cricket fan, died Sunday after India lost to Bangladesh Saturday.

Yes, we have passion for cricket !! And it was one of the greatest win !!
Here in Finland, we watched it together, ate Ilish, Lamb, Shrimp, Roshmalai and loooot more!

Every single second was like this .. full of tensions and best wishes !!
Shup .. stunned.
Belaet vai ( next to him, hidden, white shirt) pointing out something ! ( With two hands:D).
Nafis vai ( in blue shirt) forgot his kid, who was trying to escape from the "not-attentive" father.
Helal vai ( the host, and the greatest fan there) was in thumbs-up !! Saying good good! Thats the way to play !

Hip hip hurre to Bangladeshi team from Finland :D

Hats off !!
17 March 2007


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Friday, March 16, 2007

I made a calendar for myself. To keep log keep track whether I had run/ exercised / played enough and whether I had eaten within my calori budget this week !!

(click on the image to enlarge)

Get the xls file
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 More months have passed..
5 !!

Should i say in the blink of an eye?

Things happend, I had some fun too...
I got some more money in my account...
Some sighs, left by me, are still whispering in the air...

and 5 more months are gone !

I am not very happy neither am i complaining to anything.
I am just trying to get a grab of my time now..
Which is always slipping through !
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  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger MD.

    Birds flew away
    Feather lefts
    Months flew away
    Memory lefts
    Gagan flew away
    Blog site left……….so u r just a click way bcoz of don’t worry we are in touch

  • At 12:24 PM, Blogger Gagan

    yet the bird is looking back to the empty place, from where it left the feather !!

    But yah, the bird thanked you for cherishing the feather!

Monday, March 12, 2007

It happened quite suddenly !
I bought a new pair skates,
Ppl told me that I would be able to use it for the whole March. If I m lucky may be in april too, for a while.

But I just skated twice on ice..and then all started melting.

Yesterday was +5 !!
This whole week will be around 0 !
Last week was the same too!

It feels quite warm, I m no longer wearing that fatty big jacket:D

Well, I really wish winter lasted a little longer...
May be because it was my first ever winter in my life.
or may be bcoz i "LOVED" skating and a really really want to learn it more !


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Saturday, March 10, 2007
It is quite interesting how people end up at my blog from google.

I have just been checking the ppl who have visited my blog recently ! And check this out !! Quite funny !

Some one from US searched google "Is Gagan a woman' name?"
Hahaha !

Check what comes in google :D click here to search google with "is gagan a woman's name"

I wonder why on earth he searched that !!
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Two drunk guys fighting on the wet street at midnight ( 1.05 am).
As usual " Poliisi " are there right on time... ( luckily me too:)

Before I could see the conclusion, my bus came and I had to leave.

Well no surprise, it was friday midnight, the crazy night before weekend !
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Friday, March 09, 2007
There has been a festival in one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh.
It was Kite Festival.. at St. Martin's coral island.

I can almost hear the laughter of the crowed mixed with the echoes of the sea-beach sound. I can almost smell the fresh air and wet soil..
I can almost imagine the beautiful blend of colors of the blue sky, green sea and possible-impossibe mixture of colors of the kites..

Thanks goes to Mizan vai, who has been there..

Check out his web for more pics of the kites.

And here is the most beautiful kite I have ever seen...with a wonderful name "Megh Konna" ..
(What could be the proper translation? Queen of the clouds?)

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  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Mizanur Rahman

    he he... Nice post...
    I wish i could write more in my blog...
    I am too busy or lazy(!!!) to do that... Hope i can start blogging with full boost up soon..:)

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Gagan

    Yes, Mizan Vai, keep writing.