Monday, April 23, 2007
(Another very late post)

We started to Koitelinkoski, a place where there should be a river straem !
Akseli is driving his car, taking me, Sakari and Xia

It took only around 20 minutes ! Checking the map .

There were nice places for grilling !
Well, you can see it was all icy. The temparature was +3/4 I guess. So it was full of slush !
My first thought was .. "Damn, we should not have come here now! All ice !!"

I was wrong ! I have never seen such an icy stream ! I was glad that I got an opportunity to watch it !
It was beautiful from a wooden bridge!!

"OMG !!! blooood !!"
( Sakari staring at some red minerals floating in the water)

We left the bridge and kept walking. We had be really careful so that we dont take a wrong step and find ourselves in the strong stream.

It was sooo beautiful :')
Check the sky !!

I was trying to take a picture of myself there !!

Closer look at the stong stream ! The stream was really strong.Akseli was sure no one is strong enough to swim there!

Then we went to another bridge, beside a wonderful old tree !

Safety note: Keep at least 2 meter distance between two persons !
( But me and sakari liked the idea of shaking of it and danced synchrozniedly :D)

I tried to take another pic of myself !! Looks like I managed to put myself in the frame !

This cottage is available for Rent !! Spend the days beside the stream !Hm !! Quite romantic if tourists are not allowed once you rent the cottage !!

First Xia , then Sakari and then I became hungry ! I had only one chocholate bar in my back pack !! So who's gonna eat that ? I said, lets play a game, winner will win the chochlate bar !!

The chochlate will be put in the center of the table and there will be an ampire!
On count 3 , who ever is first to snatch it away wins the round !

in the first fight, I won against Sakari ( Even though he was claiming it was unfair as the chochlate was not in the exact center !!!)

A fast shot where xia is losing the game agains Akseli !!
Check how slow Xia is or how fast Akseli is !!
Akseli is taking the bar back to him, while Xia has not even reached the table yet !!

What an action shot !! ( I love my shooting ) !!
The very moment where Sakari beat Akseli !
Look at Sakari's face !! Strange !!
He was looking at the opponent while grabbing it, not at the chochlate bar !!!!!

Well, as Sakari claimed I cheated, So i challanged lets play again.
And I lost :(

But we four divided the chochlate bar into four small pieces and ate them and
as u have guessed, it just increased our hunger :D

We could stay there longer, but our hunger forced us to come back home !!


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