Friday, November 28, 2008
I was in the bus, on the right side of it, talking on my cell phone. The bus turned left at Ratakatu, I looked casually through my window while talking, and I saw a truck coming towards us. It just did not feel right to me... next moment, the truck appeared bigger... for a moment I could not understand what I heard through my phone... the truck appeared really big... I think I took a long quick breath, I could feel adrenaline pump with a tremendous rush, I could feel my hair on the neck standing... and something rushing through my backbone... I saw the truck hit right in front me and a nasty crashing sound and then glass breaking sound!!!

The bus stopped and I felt I was Ok and a quick look told me everyone was OK in the bus!!

But I felt worry about the truck driver.. I tried to take a look through the window

I was on this side of the bus, where it hit

The bus door was broken !!

This glass window is completely broken. I talked with the lady who was seating there,
she said she was fine, except her bags and jacket pockets were full of glass pieces.

Police, ambulance and fire brigade arrived! We were told to stay in the bus.

We were told no one was seriously hurt. They collected everyone's name.

Here is what I found after I got down from the bus. Here you can see the bus hit the car...
I think after hitting the truck, the bus hit the car, I am not sure...
The truck in on the right top.. the white one!
But I am quite sure someone broke the traffic signal, because it happened right when the bus turned left !! Someone was on the wrong place !!

I found the people who were inside the red car. The kid was quite much shocked.
But luckily I found no one hurt!

One of the firemen told me to wait, some bus/vehicle would pick us up. After waiting a while, I noticed almost all of the passengers had already walked away. So I told them, if it was ok to leave.

Fewh... well, luckily no one was seriously hurt and I am perfectly alright (except I lost one of my gloves) !!

Final comment, the emergency was handled very well, no body paniced much, except one lady was crying in complete panic !! Most of the people in the bus were very calm and stayed almost quietly. The bus driver first asked if everyone was ok and then told to stay where we were, and he called the emergency through his phone right away.

But one thing that I must say, there were at least 5 foreigners in the bus, and I believe 4 of them did not understand or speak any Finnish and none of the fire fighters / ambulance guys spoke in English. One nice Indian lady translated what they were saying. In the end, the emergency guys started speaking 'some' English, but I think, when they clearly notice some brown colored guys, who 'may not' understand Finnish, they should also instruct in English!! Anyways, no offense :)

Here is the map where it happened:

View Larger Map

- Mazed
(I think the accident happened at around 8:59, 28 November 2008)


Here is another picture from someone else(source :
Check out the scratches on the body of the bus!!
Luckily and strangely the windows where I sat, were perfectly intact, even though the windows behind me (check the very last window) and infront of me were shattered!!

I was caught on camera too, in greenish jacket.. left side, with a shoulder bag (Source
Oh, check out the front bottom corner of the bus.


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  • At 12:22 PM, Blogger Gagan

    More pictures here

  • At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Rahin

    I liked the title most. Thank God.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
It began yesterday.. no, not exactly in Oulu, but far north... there will be no sun from now on until mid-january.

(image source:

I know it's extremely hard for many, specially in tropical countries like Bangladesh, to imagine this situation. I have been asked soo many times these questions, "well, how do you know when to sleep, when to wake up? How do you know when to eat lunch?". True, in tropical countries, the whole habit runs around the sun, during lunch time you expect the sun to be the brightest, you expect to go to work in full day light and come back home when it's getting darker. But once your body clock gets rid of sun clock, you actually then get used to follow your wrist watch. I did'nt say it's piece of cake though ;)

Anyways, there is also another misconception. It is not necessarily pitch black during the "continuous nights". Sun rays actually bend into the atmosphere and give some sort of light, as in the picture. It's called 'night' coz the sun is below the horizon.

Oh, yes, if you dont see the sun for that long, it's freeeeezing cold. And yes, it also affects your mode.
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Friday, November 21, 2008
Have you ever dropped your phone?

Well, I wonder who would say "No !! Never". Now-a-days, I believe, it has become the rough most used gadget! At least I slip it into my jeans and forgets about it until it rings or I need to check my email or TODOs. I sometimes find it in the morning under my belly ( or somewhere else), and wonder when did I put it on my bed? Sometimes, I throw my jeans into the closet and BAM!! Ups, I forgot to take my phone off the pocket !!

Ever wonder why and how did it survive most of the times? Watch this video ( I m quite happy to find this in public servers to share :) )

Oh.. too lazy to watch a video? Well you should watch it.. anyways, some screen shots for lazy ones.
Guess how long that keypad will survive?

I m not sure if I should say "Don't try this at home" ;)

One idea for the test guys will be to introduce nail tap test. Most of the key labels of my phone is gone because sometimes I have nails and I guess write a lot from my phone.

Anyways, that video was quite interesting. You can get some more info from here


(By the way, if you don't know how Finnish ascent is, listen to the host who is speaking at the beginning of the video... no offense please, but the point is, I could figure out by the voice that a Finnish guy is speaking English)


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
If you don't recognize this symbol, I would kindly ask you to leave this page, coz it will be very boring for you in that case :)

But most probably you know!! After all, your camera or your phone or your pen drive, at least your mouse / keyboard uses this. Probably the most popular connectivity to your computer so far !!

Did you know that USB 3.0 spec is ready?

If you remember how fast USB 2.0 grabbed the market, this should be an exciting news. Specially if you can transfer4.8 Gbits per seconds where 480 Mbits/s is the current USB 2.0 speed. Consider this, if you try to transfer a 27GB HD movie it will only take 15 minutes with your current USB 2.0 drive, and USB 3.0 will copy jet-fast in only 70 seconds!!! Another example so that you can get the idea that you should now say "woooo", a data drive based on USB 3.0 can move 1G byte of data in 3.3 seconds, compared to 33 seconds with USB 2.0!!

The guys who designed it, noticed the growing number phones and other devices we charge from USB. So now USB 3.0 will provide more efficient, yet more power!!

Well, the cable will be noticably thicker, since USB 3.0 is gonna have 5 more new lines and upload and download lines are no longer the same, rather separate. So I think next time while downloading a big chunk of data to my external drive (well, in my future drive i mean), I can also watch a HD movie without lagging.

Hmm, but for all these we gotta wait until 2010 I guess. Good things come late !!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Shanila caught on tape in the shop in the toy section !
I knew not only her, some other people were also upto something

Surely it's impossible for her to hide such a big cake !!
So she decided to make the cake in front me !!
It was the night before the day!

It was a grand canyon size Black Forest Cake!

We decided to hide it in our room, so that no body finds it until the next day!

Almost 12 o'clock... I got a call from my sister.. so left the kitchen to answer the call...
Tanja locked the kitchen door immediately and didnt let me in !!

Midnight a bit after 12 o'clock...
Shup, Tanja and Shanila were inside the room..
with the wonderful table lighted up with my birthday candles !!
It was a beautiful moment!

Tanja had made another cute black forest !!
It was superb!!
Shanila made some dessert also with my name written on it!

Here is Tanja... Enjoying the surprise she brought

The morning.. my birthday morning...
A lonely crow found in the middle of snow through my window

Friends gathered up in the kitchen..
Shanila served delicious 'Polao', 'Chicken korma', 'Egg', 'Booter dal'. Yam yam

Then came the huuuge cake !!
(Everyone awed!!)

Check out the height of the cake!!

After that we started playing the "Modern Art"... which I just got as a gift

Late night, after most other left... I decided to take a picture amidst of absolutely fabulous gifts...
Probably one of the rare birthdays so many really great gifts.
(I wish I got the idea of taking this pic while everyone was with me)

A fantastic birthday... Thank you .. I repeat Thank you, everyone...
for bringing me such a grin..


Three more notes:
- Happiness is realized when shared (You may want to watch the movie "Into the wild", which lasts so loong and kinda boringly, just to prove this line)

- Sad that Sandun, Charamri and Senehas (the Srilankan family) did not manage to come. One of their friends got sick suddenly and Sandun had to go to hospital for him. I hope he comes round soon.

- Timo was not in Oulu and missed the event. He called me while we were eating and asked me to put the phone on speaker. I was quite surprised, wht's going on? Then we heard a crowd singing "Happy Brithday to euuuu..." !! I think he called from some bar and made other people around sing along with him ! Thanks Timo, it was a nice surprise and fun !!!
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Friday, November 14, 2008
Happiness!! Isn't that a strange term, a single term that actually might sum up the whole meaning of life!!

Lets say, from most religious point of view, what's the point of life? To serve God, to do good things, ultimately to 'win' happiness at heaven!!

Buddhism is not really a religion, in the sense that there is no God!! But the goal is the ultimate happiness.. the Nirvana !!

People who do not believe in God, live their lives just for one objective... for happiness.

There are workaholic people, who know nothing but working, coz it's their way of having happiness!!

And there are those people who are just leading life , I guess life does not mean much to them.. mainly because they don't know how to feel happiness.

I, myself, sometimes feel tensed about my work, worry about my future plans, get stressed about building a great career... sometimes pressure from these are so heavy that I actually forget about happiness.

However, recently I heard one interesting information about happiness.

Why do you think kids are so happy?

Before I tell what I heard about the answer, let me copy paste from an article.

In adults it has perhaps 100 billion neurons, each connected to its neighbours by 5000 synapses or so. A brain can make and break a million new connections each second. It can store information for more than a century if you live that long, automatically cataloguing, re-filing and editing as needed. It can reconstruct our surroundings using a range of sensors that sample vibration, electromagnetic radiation, chemicals and pressure, and prioritise in milliseconds what might be of interest or concern.
(source: newsceintists)

Back to the question , Why do you think kids are so happy?
The answer I heard is, because they are learning all the time !!

I kinda liked the answer. Learning is definitely fun. Well, not that learning which are forced (like what your most boring teacher in your school). But think about how much fun it was when you visited a new place when you are a kid. When you tried to learn more about your hobbies. How much fun it was to read a new story!!

Ok, I am coming to the end of this post now. If our feelings are because of a processing of billions of neurons, the more you play with it, the more active it is, the more you learn, I guess the more happy you will be. If you are bored someday, I guess, I will advice you to learn something about whatever makes you interested about.

Have fun :)
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Ok, it's not gonna be for non-bangla readers ! Sorry :)

Oh just one note.. just keep the word "passport" in mind. Don't worry, you will understand soon what I mean.

The credit of these images does not go to me. I got this in a forward email chain from Eamon.

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    hahaha... Jotil

  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Asholei :D

  • At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Some may feel squeamish about eating it, but rabbit has a fan base that grows as cooks discover how easy they are to raise — and how good the meat tastes.

Monday, November 10, 2008
Surely this word is one of the most frequently used word now-a-days. Quite many historical events are around this word. Some are talking about the first this and some are talking about first that... and I will pick up the word "First tech president" !!

Obama used so many innovative technologies and web 2.0 for his campaign, I guessed he would be the first president of which I would like to read news about !!!

Did you check his , where you can read about the latest news about Obama and his administration, the agenda they will try to solve and how!!

Did you see the flickr images where you can see the moments from the hotel room where Obama was following the election polls?

Anyways, there are many things you can find around. But, I liked this best ...

A screenshot from my gmail says, Barack Obama is following me on Twitter :D

Hmm, surely the president of US does not have time to check my less frequently updated twitter, but I and millions of other people would surely love to follow Obama's news and appreciate his openness!!

If you want to follow him, check out

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Friday, November 07, 2008

When I go to office toilet, the first I thing I do is to quickly check if the toilet commode is "ok" ( I hope you know what I mean by "ok"). I kinda start panicing if I find the commode cover is closed!! If it is closed I quickly open it holding my breath, and if it not "OK" I rush out !! and I pray no one is looking at me !! Why??

Ok, this post may not be a 'sweet' post... but what can I do? It's about sharing my ideas in my blog, so here I go to explain why!!

Let's say Mr. A is just coming out of the toilet door and Mr. B is about to go into the toilet. Mr. A and B exchange a smile at the toilet door and Mr. B goes in!! Mr. B closes the door, opens the commode cover and with disgust closes it back !! The commode is not "OK" and Mr. B will surely wont be able to help blaming Mr. A !!

Now my question is, is it really wise for Mr. B to blame Mr. A?? It could be Mr. A did not even use the toilet, he went in just to wash his hands or something !!! There might be some Mr. X who went to the toilet before Mr. A and B and did the mishaps !!

(img source

That's the reason I rush out quickly and pray no one (Mr. B) watches me and makes me Mr. A and blame me for the mishaps done by Mr. X!!
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Hmm, I have not been posting for quite a long time actually! Well, even though it's not the reason, but I can easily redirect the blame to... weather !!!

Yaps, I have been hearing many people around excusing, aw!! It's dark!! I'm sleepy!! It makes you depressed!! etc etc
Of course it is true, if you are not careful enough, the dark nights will soon grasp you and make you depressed and feel gloomy!

Anyways... I have some interesting pictures of weather change!! Wanna see?

27 October 2008 4:42 PM !!
Dark already !! Rainy and wet weather!

30 October 2008. 1:30 PM.
The whole city is under heavy dense fog!

30 October 2008. 2:39 PM.
Still under fog !!

30 October 2008. 2:50 PM.
Another look at the fog!!
Ghostly city center!!

31 October 2008. 5:19 PM.
Snow started in Oulu, with the sign of incoming cold winter!!

The deep thick snow soon took away the border between streets and footpaths !!

I think most of the people welcomed snow!! It at least brightens the dark nights to some extent!
But may be this guy did not appreciate snow so much !! He was shivering with the head covered by a thick layer of melting icy cold snow!!

Guess what ! It was Shanila's first ever snow observation!!
Well, the first one seems heavier than anyone expected !!
31 October 2008, 6:33 PM

31 October 2008 6:34 PM.
Snowball in Shanila's hand !!

Next morning!! 1 November 2008 1:07 PM.
Everything is suddenly beautifully white!!
Believe me, it was a beautiful bright day !!

Poor cars!

Poor drivers !! Who expected so much snow to clean so early !!!

Happy myself !!

Happy kids !!

Happy bushes(I hope?? Coz they look pretty amazing?)

Battle of snow and red sign !!
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  • At 2:26 PM, Blogger eamon

    Yea... the weather is really bad these days... gloomy weather kinda makes me sad and its like that almost all the time. I wish I could skip November and December while back in my home country its the most enjoyable time for me :(