Monday, June 30, 2008
Even one of my French friends said, he was quite shocked to find out the drinking practice Finnish people have. Aaaam, before I go into details, I first want to say to Finnish readers, please dont get offended. I'm just trying to share my observations.

Quite often drinking practice here is that, you go to bar not to drink, but to get drunk. The French friend was telling, he used to go to bar quite often as well back in France, but mostly to hang around with friends and drinking bear was a part of the gossip. But here, quite often, getting trashed is quite often the target. Again, no offense please.

In the downtown, Oulu, Police found one guy 'out of order'.

Hm, actually I have never seen someone getting arrested by police, this was the first time.

Again, I hope no one is offended. I tried to share those pics where the guy's face is not obvious.

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Friday, June 27, 2008
We have just planned up our euro trip for this summer. There was some sale saying it will last until midnight tonight and we ended buying tickets on 12:01 !! fweh! And yah, they are cheap tickets, so no change, no refund, no insurance and NO LUGGAGE. We will just take two backpacks!

Ok here is the trip plan !

16 August : Oulu - Tampere

17 August: Tampere - Milan, Italy

18 August: Milan - Rome, Italy (date not confirmed yet)

20 August: Rome - Milan (Date not confirmed yet)

20 August: Milan - Krokow, Poland

20 August : Krakow - Lodz, Poland

25 August: Lodz - Krakow

25 August: Krakow - Amsterdam, Netherlands

25 August: Amsterdam - Eindhoven, Netherlands

28 August : Eindhoven - Stansted, London (Only transit in airport)

28 August : Stansted - Tampere

Sometimes later back to Oulu... Fewh

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
A quite funny thing happened few weeks before.
I have emailed to some office with some queries. My email was like this...

bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla

Best Regards/Parhain Terveisin,

Abdullah Al Mazed (Gagan)
Codemate Ltd, Software Engineer

Isokatu 56, FIN-90100 OULU, FINLAND

The mail was sent to Dhaka and a lady replied
Dear Mr.Terveisin,

Thank you for your email.

bla bla
bla blal a

Immigration Enquiries

Did you notice it? Look how she addressed me
Dear Mr.Terveisin

She was confused by my signature, which starts with
Best Regards/Parhain Terveisin,

Parhain Terveisin means Best Regards in Finnish!!

Dear Mr. best regards ;)

Well I kinda liked my new name Mr. Terveisin too :D

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Monday, June 23, 2008
Did I tell you that I get really scared and excited to hear ambulance or fire brigade sirens? I dont know if it happens to you but when I hear the siren of an ambulance, my heartbeat rate increases sharply. I breathe fast and I horribly try to imagine what's the situation inside the ambulance? Is someone helplessly staring at a dear one suffering? Is someone holding his mom's hand in there? I almost panic.

Today when I was waiting at Tuira bus stop to come to my work, I heard fire brigade sirens.
Havnt heard them for a long time.

You may think, I panic because I might have some childhood scary memory about ambulances. But I cant recall any memory of going inside an ambulance.
I dont think I have even seen inside an ambulance ever !!
Well, I hope I will never have to!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008
It's interesting how life goes on! I can 'read' someone's life in 40 minutes, by reading a nice novel about some interesting people. I can 'watch' someone's life in 90 minutes, by watching a great movie. but my life... It took me 22 years to become 22 years old :)

I can try to fast forward my life since when I remember. I see a kid lying down on a bed, listening to music in an empty home, my mom went to pick my sister up from her school... I can see a school kid, forcefully being fed eggs and bananas by the mother ( I can almost feel the taste in the mouth now)... I see a 4 year kid driving a real motor bike (handles held by father though)...I see me and my sister running back home, afraid mom will catch us being late (soo sweet memories now)...then 10 years in one of the best school uniform, 2 years in the best college, 3 years in the best private university... memories of home, our distant grandma's home...asking mom to feed me (even at university life)...

Now I am going to add one more memory.

I am in a fast train to Helsinki, to travel around 530 km, writing in a laptop connected to internet using 3G phone, listening music, wonderful foreign summer outside....

And I am going to meet my wife and the best friend Shanila, who is now flying over the sky, to travel over 6300 km...

I believe it's another sweet memory!

In train to Helsinki
Oulu time 11:57

(Oh by the way, I opened another blog where you can more about two of us :) )
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  • At 12:47 PM, Anonymous pavel

    Gagan this obviously was gonna be a sweet memory which you were gonna be cherishing for may be rest of your life or may be upto a certain time and then with the loads of other sweet memories on it, you may forget the memory. But writing the memory on the blog, you just made sure its gonna be cherished not by yourself but by all your blog readers as well.

    i m so happy to know finally shanila is going to finland. All the preparations, all the perseverance of you guyz are yield sweet happy family from now on.

    all the very best guyz.

  • At 4:54 PM, Blogger Gagan

    Thank you for the sweet comment!

    (Psst ! There is another reason behind blogging. I have a very fragile persistent memory, I cant remember things for long. I heard Goldfish forgets everything next day, I am not like that, but not good too)

Sunday, June 08, 2008
It's a full bloomed summer here now in Oulu. Winter was not in so past that I completely forgot about it. Rather winter reminds me how wonderful summer actually is!!

Check this out. Here I have two versions of Oulu from my little window (in the kitchen ;) )

Winter, Oulu, March 26 2008

Summer, Oulu, June 07, 08

A quick look at both of the versions from my window

So different ha?
I have a video for you !! From this winter :)
Check how Oulu actually looks like in a 'good' winter day!
The shots in the video were taken on the same day, March 26, 2008... some from Pekka's car, some from my kitchen.
Here is the video link


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Monday, June 02, 2008
I had a huuge mess to clean up, coz i was lazy for last few weeks ;)
So gradually lot of relatively small cleaning jobs together made a big job to do. I was quite hesitating every day about when should I start.

Today, somehow I managed to start my day at 7:30! (wow)
Went to work at 8 ! (

I came back before 5 (

And then I started cleaning (enough wows already)
And while cleaning, I made my first time lapse video :) (no more wow)

Watch the small video(less than 2 minutes)


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