Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Wappu.. or Vappu..
The word I have been hearing all day now-a-days !!
People are getting ready for it !
The whole nation is getting ready for it !
I am ready for it too !!

Here is the full wappu schedule I collected ( Translated by Tuomas). I have marked some text in red which seemed more interesting
Wappu 2007

Thu 26.4.

Waterbus schedule 13-24 (Waterbus in numbered as 69 ( hehe) ! Everything is allowed in the bus, at least that's what I have heard. You can drink, puke, get naked, or whatever crazy things you want to do, except bothering the driver !! The bus has sound system too !! And the driver can drive wherever he feels like :D)

12:00 Churchboat rowings at Tuira beach
12:30 Wappukyykkä at Tuira beach
21:00 Parties in Foxia, Kotiteollisuus is the band of the evening

Fri 27.4.

Afternoon at Engineers house
- Sun bath and beer
- 15:00 Summer otympic (engineer student olympics)
- 19:30 Winners of summer otympic, local prank competition and first year student prank competition will be revealed.
- 20:00 Band of the evening: The Frantic Motion, tickets 2e.

Sat 28.4.

Waterbus schedule 17-24
13:00 Home town short (the bar tour) starts from Linnanmaa. Tickets 5e. ( I have heard its like go to small pubs, grab a glass of bear, drink it and run to the next bar and do the same again)

17:00 Engineer students singing choir is performing at restaurant Toivo. Free entrance, song list 1e
18:00 Humusfest behind the main library of the university (basically picnic)
21:00 Ööpisgaala in 45 Special (the reveal of architecht students wappu magazine)

Sun 29.4. Waatonaatto

Waterbus schedule 13-24
The Market place klo 10-22:
- Different kind of 'events' starting klo 10
- Competition for first year students
- Beer relay competition
- Tug-of-war competition
- Wappudance where is playing engineer students orchestra starts at 18
- klo 21:00 Waatonaaton parties in Radisson Sas
- Evenings artist: Even Boyz, tickets 5/6e.
- Studentguilds leaders Drag Queen/King -competition
klo 22:00 Different kind of 'events' will stop

Mon 30.4. Waatto

11:45 Winners of 'different kind of "events"' are reveald in Rauhala (the psoas office building)
11:50 Propagation of EngineerWappu at the same place
12:00 Putting engineer cap on Franzen-figure and Wappuparade
14:00 First year students will swim in the park right next to PSOAS office.
21:00 Parties in Radisson Sas, tickets 8/10e
- Artist: Overtone
- Dancing with an idiot - competition

Tue 1.5. Wappupäivä

03:33.33 Ashematunnelin Örinät (Studetns will be in the tunnel near trainstation, late deep night, and at exactly 03:33:33 everyone will be shouting loud, yes, as loudly as possible)
04:00 First year students will get their engineer student caps near the PSOAS office
05:00 Reincarnation of first year students
05:00 Breakfest near PSOAS-office (free)
09:00 Shamppanjamatiee at Linnansaari (one of those islands near main library)
11:00 Some mixed choir, don't know..
14:00 Engineer students orhcestra playing at Rotuaari
18:00 First year students will burn their first year student caps at Engineer house.

It will leave xx:00 from Linnanmaa/City centre (e.g. 12:00 from Linnanmaa, 13:00 from city centre, 14:00 from Linnanmaa etc.)
One cruising costs 2e/h all money will be given to Unicef.

Tickets are sold for Wappu parties at university:
- Green 'closet' Wed-Thu 18.-19.4. ja Mon-Wed 23.-25.4. klo 11-14

If you buy tickets from the party place, they will cost 1-2e extra.

For otympics you can't buy tickets beforehand.

Here are some pics I have collected from internet !

The famous bus 69 !

Something stupid

Wappu hats !! ( I m thinking to check the shops today to see what hats are available !!)

Fun in water with water

And the best part of all, the festive mode ! It's absolutely fun for me just to be in a crowd of festival !

Yes, A lot of expectation, coz I have heard a lot !
Now lets see what I can see :)


(oh by the way, the idea of wappu is rooted at the May day, 1st of May and this is the day the first year enginering students get their hats )

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