Saturday, December 30, 2006
Eid mubarak !!
Its 30 December, Eid in Finland !!

The most interesting part was.. on 29 December, I didnt know that its eid the next day!
I thought since at Dhaka Eid is 1st Jan, so here it will be one day before, 31st Dec.

Thanks God, For some reason, i called Belayet Vai,
N he was nt home..
His wife answered, and I came to know that tomorrow is Eid..

I was almooooooost about to miss it .

How would U feel if just sleep all day in xmas day, and next morning, you jump out early from bed and figure out, everyone is done with xmas except u !!

Fweuuuh ! I was saved !

N the best part is, i have new clothes again !!

A fotua from Dhaka sent by my "bestest" friend !

The 'BOY-COT' winter jacket I bought on Eid morning !

Plus, A new pair of socks and under garment ( I think you dont need any picture, or do u?) :D

The bonus:
I have sat, sun, mon- 3 off days.. Wow.. that really broguht the feeling of Eid for me !!

Finally, I have already got a dinner gathering invitation from Gofur vai... sure to eat a hell lot Bangladeshi spicy delicous succulent juicy..(Ahem..let me stop) yammme food.




30 December 2006
Yliopistokatu, Oulu , Finland
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Friday, December 29, 2006
if you now come to Yliopistokatu, the place I live .. you will definitely feel the emptiness.
the huge parking places are naked with only a couple of cars..
No one walking around..
(of course there is no bird or cat or dog or anything living (except trees) around)..

The night is more interesting ..
All the apartments are pitch black..only 1/2 windows are telling some one, unfortunate, like me, are there alone..

All the dark windows saying every one has left for the xmas and new years eve vacation !
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Sunday, December 24, 2006
I found these pics from an old directory !!
St. Martin's island..
One of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh.. the "bestest" coral island !!!

There is nothing in the world, but splash of water !

Blue, green and purple !! The amazing color blend !

He couldnt understand my language, neither did i...
I asked (in bangla) whats is your name?
He said "Thui gai"
after couple of hours we figured out he meant he is a "Tourist Guide"

Sunny, warm, quiet, crowdless !

Miss my country !!

I think it was November/ December 2005
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Jalal now lives on his own.
He lives in a rented house in Uttara, Dhaka.

He claimed find the best looking building there , and we will find him living there.
Sometimes even tv-drama-shooting takes place there !!

Anyways, lets come to the point.
Definitely you would like to know how to make money to build such nice house of your own !!

The owner of that fancy building has a business.
He runs a small underwear shop !

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Friday, December 22, 2006
Antti was probably too lazy to go downstairs to light the cigarette.

Antti caught opening the sunlight roof and smoking through that !!!! :D
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Well, I got this idea from all the movies I have seen before.
Ppl wake up on the xmas morning with a grin..
run to the xmas tree and find gifts for them.

From Tuomas I came to know, its different in Finland!

After Sauna ( Steam bath) in the xmas eve, they open their gifts !!

Hmm!! Its not a bad idea to get gifts earlier :)
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You fill up my senses

like a night in the forest
like the mountains in springtime,
like a walk in the rain
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again...


Eamon sang to me..
Yahoo messenger voice !

I never noticed that John Denver's Anni's song is so beautiful !!

Eamon, it was deep loong night..
Your voice from thousands miles away, from some corner of Dhaka city...
Touched my deep inside!!


Yahoo messenger, BD time late night 4:13 am,
Oulu time 12:13 am
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  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    mmm... I have heard this song also from the same person :) and like U I also noticed that it was a nice song... or because it was sung to us by such a nice friend???

  • At 10:30 PM, Blogger Gagan

    But the second reason has more effect !

Thursday, December 21, 2006
First ! I am back !! Wehaa !!
Healed and more myself !!

I will "restart" with new spirit !
Because the dark days over

Why ?

Dont bother about this crap !!
The thing u ( I too ) never bothered about before is.. 21st December is the darkest night of the year.
That means after tomorrow more n more daylights are coming here !

Cooooool !!

MOre daylight moRE Fun !!



Those who are yet having hard times to get whats the big deal ( excluding Kasia who doesnt care about how dark it is outside) is the thing..
on 21st december the lenght of daylight in Oulu is 3 hr 37 MIN only.

December 21, 2006



Actual Time 10:27 AM EET 2:05 PM EET
Civil Twilight 9:01 AM EET 3:32 PM EET
Nautical Twilight 7:48 AM EET 4:44 PM EET
Astronomical Twilight 6:46 AM EET 5:46 PM EET
Moon No Moon Rise No Moon Set
Length Of Visible Light: 6h 31m
Length of Day
3h 37m
Tomorrow will be 0m 3s shorter
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  • At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Katy

    I'm glad you're back and honoured to be mentioned!!! :)

    wish you all the white lights you need!

  • At 1:38 AM, Blogger Gagan


    Very thoughtful wish !!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

I still dont know how it is suddenly not in my bag anymore !
I was so much into it.. i think last hour I opened my bag countless times and couldnot believe the camera is not there anymore !

I m looking at my tripod and cant believe there is no camera to put it on !

I am afraid to believe its lost , gone !

Its just not in my bag ! I have lost it..
Have I just stupidly left it somewhere? ( Its not ez to leave such a favorite thing)
Have some1 stolen it? ( its not possible in Finland)

Last pic was taken in Railway station.

I discovered it lost in a cafe, stopped to drink coffee on way back from railway station, in less than an hour!

Kate, Shup helped me to search all around, the cafe, the road, the railways platfrom, inside the train.. its nowhere

I m not too strong !
These were taken just last night... using the darkness outside my window!

I lost the whole spirit...

I was saving money to go to another visit a place ..

I m not sure if i can save now....

Just..just.. lost the spirit..
And I know I am guided by emotions...
This blog is temporarily shut down from today !

14 December 2006
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Well, again while looking for something I was stuck at these..
They have been taken from my city Dhaka..

From the bus stand !! I couldnt move my eyes from those eyes !!

The mother and three kids close to my home !! I wonder how r they now ( sigh)??

My dad ! Totally lost with the gadgets !! He was so surprised to find that it is running without "being plugged in" when I brought my laptop from the room !
( I will thank him every time I press on my keyboard for buying the laptop for me)

Dont laugh :)
(Around the university)

A superb morning.. Our car on the highway toward the village !!
( I can almost smell the fresh air)

The kid at my foot ( sigh)
The poor girl was soooo sweet !!
I tried to catch her face in my mobile.. but failed.
She took 1 taka only for measuring my weight !
(Botanical garden)

The canvasar!
Have you noticed them when it is 33* celcius outside?

Dont ask !! Just dont ask why on earth sis is doing that ?:D

Yameee !!
My sis.. after effect of a chochbar :D... thats vanilla all over her face ..haha

Thats mom.. sleeping like a cat in the bus to cox's bazar !

The uppper floor of the absolutely empty Volvo double-decker bus

World's most weired posters !!

Living like a king !!
I was thirsty and water coming.. I didnt have to leave comfort of crossing the legs !!
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  • At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    cool phots :) but sorry I laugh b4 I saw the tag... don't laugh... :-P

  • At 10:27 PM, Blogger Gagan

    GRRR !!! May be i should put texts before image from next time!!

Monday, December 11, 2006
I woke up early enough this weekend, just not to miss the whole of the daylight.
It is so short now !!

I woke up, brushed my teeth, put some clothes over whatever I was wearing and ran out of my apartment to take some pictures...of something. I had borrowed tripod from the office ! Felt like a pro while walking with that tripod in my hand and the camera bag on my shoulder :D

It was all cloudy and gloomy light..yet had fun for one hour and I had to stop, coz just by then, it became night !


Creepy !

The lonely old couple !

Lake 1

Lake 2

Lake 3

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

It is about to start. Cameras on their tripods ready to shoot!

Kate begins.. confident start! I dont know what the hell were happening in your mind at that moment, but surely, you appeared to be quite confident :)

She is speeding up!

Woooooowwww.. excellent ! COool !

The master and the graduate !!!

Excited friends congratulating and hugging!!

Hey, U have just "graduated" :D in fire spinning

Her master, Shup

Okkkay, here the DUET begins

Great stuff to see !

Synchronizing face to face !!

Kate ! Dont look back !

Hey, Kate, no doubt, you have learnt it quite well...
The fire was great !
Specially the "Duet" with Shup!

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  • At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Katy

    hej Gagan!

    thanks for pictures! and being there!