Saturday, January 01, 2011
Another 365 days have passed by, really fast... when I am trying to look back, I am almost having goosebumps thinking about the speed. Literally even before I grasped the idea that 2009 is gone, 2010 is already gone!!

For the first time in my life I had the new year eve alone. Perhaps it's not bad at all to accept the new year conceptually!

When I was trying to flashback last 12 months, I immediately noticed I have not shared one thing in my blog, about !!

What is it? Go and check it out yourself! For those having some ebook readers (like Kindle / Nook etc), this is may worth trying immediately, for others, aamm... i guess there is nothing much to see except just playing the instruction video once!

If you are still confused why I am sharing about, hei.. come on... I wrote the software!! ;)

I have bought kindle 3 and I am absolutely loving it (no wonder Amazon has recently declared it is now their best selling product, overshadowing Harry Potter sales).

Reading a pdf book after 'pdfscissor'-ed !

For those unlucky ones, who have not heard about Kindle, it's an ebook reader ! Its major benefit is its e-ink screen. Right... it does not hurt eyes, if you turn off your room light in the night, you can't use Kindle, just like you can't read a paper book in the dark. (and if you know me well, you should already know about my bad eyes). I am absolutely thanking the technology to literally save my life (my eyes). (Ops, enough advertisement for kindle)

Anyways, looking back at the last year, I think pdfscissors made me feel slightly contempt (otherwise 2010 was the most financially-active year of my life, tons of transactions, investment, winning, losing involved).

I would also like to share some reviews already done about

- Kindle world blog
- Some japanese review (translated)
- Another usage in Japan (translated) (most of my visitors are from Japan!)

Looks like I have mixed up pdfscissors post with happy new year post!! :P

Happpy New Year everyone... may you enjoy your life in 2011 more than any other year before!


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