Friday, January 30, 2009
Tooth breaking title !! But look at this map first !!

Look's like a master plan of me, Gagan, taking control of a huge part of the world !!

The map was sent by Bartek ! I got permission from him to share the email he sent me! Here you go !!

Hei my friend :)

Do you know what I have been recently told on one of my satelite navigation lecture?? That GAGAN is Indian Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) known as GPS aided Geosynchronous Augmentation System (GAGAN). Augmentation systems are designed to improve one or more qualities of a GNSS (Global navigation satellite system), such as accuracy, robustness, and signal availability. Satellite-based augmentation systems (SBASes) augment core satellite constellations by providing ranging, integrity and correction information, which increase accuracy, reliability, and availability of GNSS positioning. SBAS information is broadcast via transponders on geostationary satellites in the same band as the core constellations.

Did you know about that??

When I saw your name on one of the slides with borderlines of the range of this system I imagined it as a huge country ruled by GAGAN :) and smiled :)

I attached a similar picture. If you want more information just google it: gagan sbas :)



P.S. I hope no one minds about uploading that map image, no information found about the source
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Happy new year every one!! Yah... quite late.. but better late than never :)

For some reason, I think I am still not fully transited to the new year... I still have couple of TODOs from last year (just to give a clue about those, one example, have you noticed I have not shared pics / videos from my last summer Euro trip? There are still a huge amount of data to process). I still have not summed up my last year, neither fixed new year's TODOs ... it seems time is flying away too fast.. somehow!

At this moment, I am trying to archive my digital data. Guess what, my 500GB drive is almost full !! I am quite sure there are lots of garbage deep down there, which I need to clean up very soon, before new year starts in full force after the long holiday mode period.

If you are trying to calculate something from the last year, here is an interesting video for you
... so that you recheck your calculation a bit more carefully ;)

Happy new year again !!

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