Monday, July 23, 2007
Till the last summer cottage trip, I knew Sandun just by face...only in Volleyball court. Today I went to visit his place and they were amazing.

I had a great time with them chatting. And I was welcome with a Srilankan dinner. And that was absolutely great !! They had dal ( lintel), a little different cooking style than ours, some fish fry, salad and mashed fish. I went crazy, I didnt have hunger, yet I could not stop ! I think it is over 8 months since I had this good mashed fish last time.
Chamari and Sandun...
the happy grins of the couple ( I loved them)

They even gave me their wedding cake. I was honored :)
Each and everyone were given this cake at the entrance in their wedding ceremony.

They told me this wedding cake can last 25, 50 years.

So some even save their wedding cake to celebrate 25th anniversary !! Nice idea!

I saw their wedding pics. I was jealous :P They surely had a great fun in their 9 days of honeymoon.

Long live the happy couple !!

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