Tuesday, July 10, 2007
I missed the bus when I was coming from work today. Then I decided to check around the shop, summer sale is going on there. I thought I should check those out.

And in H&M, suddenly my eyes were caught by a shirt. Those who know me well, know how picky I am about shirts and their fabrics. As soon as I noticed the shirt, I knew its gonna be for me. There was only one piece of this kind, the fabric was 100% cotton.
There was no price tag.

Anyway, I went to the store girl, asked the price, it sounded quite reasonable (this shirt was not on sale btw).

I gave a few minutes trial and I decided..OK this is going to be the first ever shirt I will buy outside BD.

I brought it home, put it on to give another trial. I was happy.

I took if off and then whops!!?? Whats that! "Made in Bangladesh" tag !!! :D

Hehehehehehehe.I was soooo happy to see it !! I m sooo happy to find that made in Bangladesh logo in H&M, oulu, Finland !

No, I am not repenting at all, that I could actually buy it cheaper in Dhaka. I am rather happier to give some money back to Bangladesh Garments ;)


update : 11 July :
Tuomas said H&M is a swidish company. They design it in Sweden and make it in the East, e.g. Bangladesh. So I dont think you can find this shirt in Bangladesh market actually :(
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